Review of Anything Goes: Amber vs Tani

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Amber vs Tani – 11 mins

Amber and Tani face off in the second preliminary match for the FWR Rookie Championship Title of 2017. Who do you think has the strength and stamina to defeat her opponent? Filled with all the moves and eye rolling birdie knockouts, these two rookies go at it in this fun anything goes match! Tani fights hard, dominating Amber for nearly the entire match but Amber has a little more experience, giving her the ability to turn the tables and knock out her rival!

Going back to the Anything Goes Rookie Championship series and although we lost my vote, Charlie, there is still plenty of really great talent to choose from. I say it like we actually have a choice, but we don’t, I just really love the idea of a Rookie championship, it’s exciting to see who he’s going to pick. This match is another good addition to the series, championship or not, Tani and Amber are both great and I wouldn’t mind either of these girls taking the championship. Of course like most of the Anything Goes matches, one girl loses for a while and then makes the comeback. I personally can’t decide who I like more, at first a felt the Tani is a bit better, but now I feel like Amber is. Either way, both girls did a great job delivering the fun and lighthearted selling needed for an Anything goes match and they both look great in the pro gear as well. Great job to both these girls and I look forward to the next round of this championship and the next Anything Goes match as well.

Overall Score: 8.5/10