Review of Anything Goes: Amber vs Persephone

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAnything Goes: Amber vs Persephone – 12 mins

Our video opens with Amber in the ring as cute little Persephone skips in with her stuffed bunny. The match is another preliminary match for the 2018 Anything Goes Rookie of the Year Championship. The girls begin and go right for a test of strength. Persephone, giggling and having the time of her life manages to take an early dominant role with knee strikes to Amber’s chin, a standing head scissor, head smashes to the turnbuckle, low blows in the corner, a surfboard, some head scissors, and a camel clutch. Amber finally escapes from an attempted Boston crab and hauls Persephone up into a bear hug. But the dark haired beauty is smart and slams Amber in the ears to gain an escape! She gets a black jack from her stuffed bunny and has grand plans to knockout Amber. But the crafty blond has other plans and turns the tables! A tight matchbook pin gets Amber the victory but we don’t think this will be the last time we see Persephone in this Rookie Championship series!

I kind of forgot that this Rookie of the Year thing was still going on, but it’s ok because I would like to see a winner at some point. So, in this one Persephone is supposed to be taking Charlie’s place in the tourney, even though I’m pretty sure Charlie already beat Amber. Nonetheless Persephone comes in wearing the same outfit Charlie did and the little fire cracker manages to dominate the match for most of the time. Amber is a great seller, so is it’s nice to watch her losing and as much as I love to see Persephone lose, she is a great evil heel, the way she is so giddy is adorable and fun, just the smile she has on her face when she pulls the blackjack out is all the explanation I need. But in another win/win situation, it’s Persephone who gets KO’d in the end by the blackjack this time giving Amber the win, but only after some silly faces and hearing birdies. I even get the little extra KO I like as Persephone wakes up, just long enough to be told that she’ll have another chance to compete in the torment later on. So, as I said, this one is another win/win vid for me, I love Amber, I think she’s really great, of course you all know I love Persephone, I really like the whole best rookie idea and I happy to know that we’ll be seeing another one of these video with Persephone soon enough.

Overall Score: 9.5/10