Review of ANNE-MARIE versus VELVETS

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldANNE-MARIE versus VELVETS – 17 Mins

Jacquelyn Velvets and Anne-Marie finally go head to head in this multi round matchup… and here’s the breakdown! (each round ends with a pin and victory pose) Round one: Jacquelyn dominates with a headlock, belly punches, a hip toss, leg nelson, neck scissors, camel clutch, hand over mouth smother, and a reverse neckscissors for the KO! Round two: Jacquelyn dominates with a hair grab, hairpull, hair mares, a bow and arrow, belly splash, and an extended HAIR choke for the KO! Round three: Anne-Marie manages to duck out of the way right when Jacquelyn goes for a running splash.  A dazed Jacquelyn drops and Anne dominates via side neck scissors, belly claw, camel clutch, hair pull / clutch, belly splashes, and a face down neck scissors KO! Round four: Anne takes control with hairpulling, hair standing, a hair choke, and a figure four neckscissors KO! Round five: Anne dominates with belly punching against the wall, snap mare, a push up neck scissors, and a final triangle choke KO for the WIN!!! YOUR WINNER: ANNE-MARIE!

Now this is a rarity, Anne-Marie winning a match. We don’t see that every day. We also don’t get to see Jacquelyn in action as often as I’d like to see her, but at least we do get to see those amazing eye rolls as Anne calms a rare victory. This is another win/win for me as Anne does lose the first two rounds, doing her great selling and even a little twitching too. Then Miss Velvets does her part giving us those amazing eye rolls like I mentioned before. It’s a good battle on both ends, with a nice mix of moves from belly punching, camel clutches and splashes to hair pulling, hair chokes and scissors with a pin at the end of each round and victory pose. Not quite what I’d call pro style but a few pro moves mixed in. Both these ladies are experts in their craft and I can’t think of anything to complain about. If you like to see Anne dominate for once, or just love to see Jacquelyn play the jobber or vice versa, this one covers that.

Overall Score: 9/10