Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldANDREA’S VENGEANCE – 25 Mins

After losing to the adorable Austynn Madison in a previous battle, Andrea Rosu plans some serious vengeance, catching Austynn off guard as she boasts to SK about her win.  She chloroforms the youngster, keeping her barely conscious as she proceeds to take her apart all OVER the SKW mat room!!!

I think this shows a pretty noticeable improvement with Austynn and her selling skills. She already had the look and her selling was never bad, but here she really did a very good job on improving on some of the minor details that really make so one a great jobber. It may also have been that this was quite the beatdown too.  Andrea really gave it to Austynn, lots of great looking and brutal moves and plenty of knock outs, topped with a little bit of drooling and twitching too. I really love Andrea as the heel, even after a great jobbing display vs Tiny, she’s such a great heel, mean, yet funny and cocky and definitely strong enough for the role. After this vid I truly find myself looking forward to Austynn’s next SKW visit in hopes that she gets beat up like this or worse next time. I’d love to see her against Tiny or The Machine next time.

Overall Score: 9.5/10