Review of Andie’s Initiation

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsAndie’s Initiation – 10.5 mins

She’s not a very talkative girl but that’s because Andie’s first time in the wrestling ring brings her face to face with Becca and Peyton. Our resident wrestlers don’t like new girls so they bully poor Andie, who knows absolutely nothing about pro wrestling. The two bad girls proceed to double team the shocked and stunned visitor by slamming her head into all four turnbuckles, working over her belly in the corner, giving her body splashes, then flipping her down to the mat for some uncomfortable domination! Andie is destroyed with scissors, leg locks, a Boston crab, camel clutch, fireman’s carries, and a final DOUBLE knockout stunner! In the end the trash talking beauties from FWR pose pretty over the unconscious girl and leave her lying in the ring all alone! We hope Andie will return someday … hopefully to get even!

I had no idea that Andie Perez was going to be visiting FWR, so this video came as a complete surprise to me, but it is very cool to see Andie in the FWR ring. Unfortunately for Andie, the welcoming committed is headed by Peyton and Becca and they’re nowhere near as trilled as I am to see Andie at FWR.  I’ve claimed many and a many of times how great the vids with Becca vs Peyton, but when the team up these two beauties are pure evil and a feel bad for anyone who as to take them both on, unless you’re some powerhouse that can show them their bark is louder than their bite, however that is not the case for poor Andie Perez as she gets completely flattened by FWR’s top two, in my opinion. Andie must be getting used to these unfair matches as she has been double teamed twice at SKW already, then head almost completely across the county just to get double teamed again. I’m not getting tired of seeing it as she packed her selling skills for the long trip and continues to be a great jobber. Rick may have hinted and Andie getting some revenge and I can say now I would love that, especially if she somehow manages to take them both down at the same time. Or if now, two one on one payback matches is still something I would certainly be looking forward to. Don’t tease me Rick! Make it happen!

Overall Score: 9/10

  • What a trio we have here! Give me a breake! But Andie have a perfect body for a small thong. Imagine that butt in a thong… Just imagine! But no bush, please!

    • maybe just a little light fuzz poking out the top. Although, bald eagle jones is good too.

      • Man, I assure it: Andie must have a wonderful pussy. I bet it is fat, symmetric, white and delicious! She should show it through a semi-transparent suit or bikini, completely shaved, smooth as a dolphin’s skin. This lady is that sort of outsdanding Latin which represents a menace to the mental sanity of guys like me. She is complete! From the top of her head to her soles! I am telling you! If she stands in front of you, naked, and shaved, she can kill you just with her figure! She is dangerous! She is a piece of glass left in the beach!…

        • i was with you until the glass in the beach, that part just seems awful

  • This big succulent ass that can’t be contained by the bikini! This is not her type of bikini. This is not for her type of butt. This is a Latin butt! She needs a Brazilian thong bikini now!

    This is what Andies needs for that big butt.