Review of Andie vs. Darrius FULL

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Review of Hit the MatAndie vs. Darrius FULL – 35 Mins

AndieAn impromptu mixed boxing fight breaks out as Andie and Darrius meet up in the ring so that Andie can learn how to box. Darrius give her a few lessons on certain punches, and then walks away to get a drink but then comes back to get a huge right hook to his jaw. Maybe he taught her a little too well. Andie taunts Darrius and tries to knock his head off but he ducks and he looks rather pissed, as Andie looks a little nervous. She ends up getting her boxing lesson the hard way, as she is punished for her cheap shot. An unexpected haymaker rocks Darrius then Andie takes the initiative and goes on an all-out offensive. Can she keep her advantage in this mixed boxing match, or does she still have a lot to learn? A classic HTM mixed boxing fantasy brought to life where Andie dominates him the first half, and Darrius knocks her out in the second half.

Got another review brought to you by request, and we got a real classic here. I actually bought this video way back when it was originally released and was one of my favorites in that time, second only to Mutiny’s vid of the same nature. So, this says that Andie dominates the first half of the video, well, that’s not quite right. Andie has totally control for a little over 5 minutes out of the 35ish of the whole video. Which is a good thing for me, of course, if Andie was in control for the entire half, this definitely wouldn’t have been so well liked by me. Even after all these years, I still found this to be quite a great vid. Of course the quality is not as good as it would be where it shot today, but I still feel Andie did a great job selling, as well as, the overall domination, the gradual wear down, all the knock downs that come late in the match, the last round and the final KO were all very good. So if you’re looking to get your hands on a surefire HTM classic, this is a super solid choice.

Overall Score: 9/10