Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldANDIE GETS ROCKED – 32 Mins

In this unofficial sequel to POOR ANDIE, we fade in as the lovely Andie Perez starts off with an impressive beatdown on seasoned pro star Rock-C!   We see a steel chair in the background and it becomes evident that the young rookie used it to sneak attack her stronger opponent.  Regardless, Andie pounds Rock-C’s belly, flips her to the mats, and outs her out with an impressive wall-assisted sleeper hold!  She goes for the pin but changes her mind, deciding to make a name for herself with an even more brutal beating!   She stands Rock-C up and gives her a massive X-Factor that lands the pro star on the steel chair!  Rock-C is OUT and Andie is finally satisfied as she goes for the pin. Rock-C’s partner Tiffany Roxx suddenly appears, stomping Andie and knocking her out with a brutal TOMBSTONE.  Tiffany had been watching and became enraged when the brash young wrestler refused to pin her after the first sleeper.  The two pros are now on their feet, angry, and ready to make an example out of Andie Perez.  And that they do, repeatedly torturing and knocking the stunned jobber out, until a final set of KOs seal her fate!!!

So just like in POOR ANDIE, Andie starts out in control, demolishing Rock-C, just when she think she’s won, Tiffany Roxx runs in and a two on one brutal beatdown begins. The beatdown is awesome, starting with some devastating chair shots, and head slams into the chair, on to a myriad of tag team maneuvers and topped off with several power moves that leave Andie out cold and twitching as the video fades to black. The selling isn’t too over the top, but just enough where I really enjoyed the reactions. Andie’s selling hasn’t noticeably improved from last time, which isn’t a problem because she started in a really good place, she’s been very good jobber from the start, just a few small things with her selling I’d like to see ironed out, which will come in time. Nonetheless, she delivers a good show here. Rock-C and Tiffany are excellent trash talking heels like they always have been, always will be and I think they both looked really great too. I definitely think we need to see more Andie Perez and I really look forward to the video where Rock-C and Tiffany take on Tiny, we all know how that’s going to go and it will be awesome.

Overall Score: 9.9/10