Review of ANDIE and DEVON meet THE MACHINE

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldANDIE and DEVON meet THE MACHINE – 20 Mins

andieWe fade in on the lovely Andie Perez (making her SKW debut) pacing nervously on the mats.  Her friend and trainer Devon shows up and finds out Andie is scheduled to face THE MACHINE later that day.  Devon offers to help train Andie a bit, leading to the two exchanging sleeper hold and piledriver/tombstone KOs. The two don’t notice The Machine creeping in and he attacks with a double low blow, a double chokeout, and a sudden BARRAGE of sleeper holds and piledriver KOs (along with head blows, belly attacks, and more) that eventually leave both ladies open to a brutal and BRAND NEW Machine finisher… the 1 vs 2 LOW BLOW TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER DOUBLE KO!

SKW legend, Devon, is back and she’s brought her friend Andie Perez with her. The ladies trade a few KOs in the mat room before they are both attacked by the devious Machine. Even though the KOs were well done before the sneak attack, business really picks up when The Machine enters the game. The Machine destroys the veteran and the newbie with great ease, often using one of their bodies as a weapon against the other, including in a deviating and unique finisher. Both ladies sell great, but Andie is the real surprise. We all know that Devon can sell, but Andie is brand new and she put on a fantastic show. As I always say, two jobber are better than one especially with The Machine behind the wheel of destruction. I sure hope we get to see Andie again soon.

Overall score: 9/10