Review of Amirah Redefines the Word Maledom

Review of DefeatedAmirah Redefines the Word Maledom – 34.5 mins

Amirah had a mixed match today and to say that things didn’t go her way would be the understatement of the decade. Amirah didn’t just lose this match up, she got destroyed, so badly we think Amirah has redefined the word maledom. Right from the start things looks bad as her male opponent easily locks in a sleeperhold and Amirah has no choice but to take a nap. From there her opponent does whatever her pleases to and with Amirah and her body. Starting out with some painful submission holds, eventually leading to him taking all of her clothes off and molesting her while continuing his brutal torture. He puts a great focus on displaying Amirah’s vagina for all to see. Amirah is completely helpless the entire time, fighting for her freedom at times, but never coming close and passing out regularly from the pain or from a certain move she ended up in. After a 30+ minute beatdown, Amirah is finally left naked and out cold, completely Defeated after this brutal male domination. We don’t know what caused this destruction, but we kind of hope to see Amirah in a similar situation again soon!

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and finally, FINALLY after what feels like years in waiting, we have got another Amirah squash match. Even since Amirah’s first match (I think), “Loss Consciousness, Lose Clothing” I have been hoping and praying to see another video like that, because I felt that video only teased Amirah’s selling skills and didn’t really capture it. Well finally, we get another look at the lovely Amirah getting totally dominated in another mixed squash match and I have to say, she has lived up to my expectations. This time we get a much better look at her overall selling as she’s repeatedly KO’s and man handled. She gives us some great reactions and struggling with some very nice eye rolling and excellent limpness. I do like that all her clothes come off, although I loved the clothing choice, so I was a little sad to see it all go so quickly. I would have loved to keep the sneakers and the shorts on longer. I also don’t know why the guy took his shoes off either, definitely didn’t need that. I loved the moves used and all the touching/grabbing, it was a really nice mix of putting Amirah in pain and showing off her body and it never got too sexual for me, which admittedly is a pretty fine line. So, I really think that Defeated has themselves another star jobber on their hands here and I really hope the start to use her like as such.

Overall Score: 9.5/10