Review of Amirah Interrupts Veronica’s Workout

Review of Defeated Amirah Interrupts Veronica’s Workout – 15 mins

Veronica is stretching, really showing off her flexibility when Amirah sneaks up behind her and locks in a sleeper hold. Veronica struggles but sooner enough succumbs to the hold. Amirah makes sure Veronica is out but putter in a l head scissors and sure enough, Veronica is out, as the only reaction is some gentle twitching. Amirah finishes the job with a brutal neck snap, with some instant replays. The scene is than reset and the situation is repeated, with some variation of attacks and overkill, but always ended with a neck snap and sometime including some eye checks. I the final scene poor broken Veronica is left top less and spread eagle for all to see. 

Got more Defeated action for you guys, and we have another one of these sentry style vids with Amirah, but, so sad for me, Amirah is the attacker in this one. Veronica in the unexpecting victim this time. Even though Veronica is new, I think her potential is clear. We get a little eye rolling and some nice limp play, the with twitching ragdolling overkill parts, that is my absolute favorite part of these videos. Veronica isn’t super twitchy, but good enough to get the point across. Her eye rolling isn’t too good, but it looks like she can do it, which is a really good thing to me. There’s some nice close ups for eye checks and instant replays for the neck snaps, very good to see those little touches in vids like this. So right now, Veronica is in a good place to soon be a really great jobber and I am looking forward to that. Of course I am also looking for more Amirah playing the jobber, but it was still nice to see her, ever though she didn’t get KO’d in this one. We’ll get her next time!

Overall Score: 9/10