Review of Amelia Dire in Hot Girl, Wrong House K.O.

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Review of Funhouse Clips Amelia Dire in Hot Girl, Wrong House K.O. – 7 Mins

amiliaI just love it when sexy girls show up to the wrong house like today for example with Amelia Dire who just looked like a good time girl for sure. When I let her in she knew right away something was wrong but I didn’t let her leave just yet. She definitely seemed like a girl that is down for some “Netflix and chill” time so I had to see if we can get lucky with her. We meaning my Cousin Loco who was hiding in the kitchen waiting to come out to meet her. When he ran out to her she was so shocked that she went to lala land almost ASAP. Now it was time to play with that sexy limp body of hers. Loco proceeded to lift and carry her to the couch so he could play with her some more. Once she was laid out on the big couch he continued moving her limp body around like she was a doll. She even started to wake back up but Loco quickly scared her back to lala land just how we like them!

Another Funhouse clip for you guys here, with the lovely Amelia. This one just like the Addie vid, Amelia enters the wrong house and get to meet Cousin Loco. Again, I really love the light-hearted and silly nature of these Funhouse vids and again the limp play in this one is great, with a little limp play on the floor, then I nice carry and some more good limp play on the couch. We even get an ultra-rare second KO. Amelia sells the scare KOs very nicely and looks excellent throughout all the limp play. I’ve only seen two vids with Amelia and you can definitely call me a fan, I really like her look and selling, from what I’ve seem thus far.

Overall Score: 8.5/10