Review of Amelia Dire in Home Too Early Knock Out!

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Review of Funhouse ClipsAmelia Dire in Home Too Early Knock Out! – 7 Mins

ameliaSexy girl Amelia Dire was having a nice day off from work and just chilling at home all alone after hanging out with her girlfriends. Too bad for her she was home too early because old man Creepy Bob was there to sniff her panties while she was away. So when she walked into the room he was ready to sneak up behind her and give her a good scare. Here Amelia was nice and comfy in her bra and thong and when she got to the bed he came up right behind her and when she turned around she was so shocked that his good looks sent her to lala land. Now it was time to play with her sexy limp body as her nightmare was just beginning. Here he started to having some limb play fun with her and putting her into all sorts of sexy positions as he was feeling her up. Than he started to bend her over on the big bed and give her a good dry hump as she was off to lala land. He even lifted and carried to the wall to set her up as he leaves the room!

Sometimes the things that happen in a Funhouse clip just make me laugh every time I think about it. In this case, the creepy old guy mask is probably one of the funniest, most unnecessary part of a video I’ve seen in a long time, I just can’t quit laughing at it. But once you get passed that, this is a really solid limp play vid, and too be honest, the 7 minute runtime feels just about right. If Amelia were to wake up a time or two, it could be 10 mins, but as it is 7 minutes works good for me. The limp play is great, lots of moving her around into different positions and it just felt like the pacing was right, like “old man” creepy Bob was actually just having fun with his limp toy. I really enjoyed Amelia too, I think she looks great, from every angle and I think she made great limp toy for “old man” Bob. You will see more from her soon.

Overall Score: 9/10