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Review of Fabulous Layla’s Fighting ClipsAmazon Ass Beating for Mutiny! – 9 Mins

mutinyWhen Mutiny found out Layla was in town, she couldn’t help but challenge the amazon to a match… The sexy ladies meet in the squared circle, ready for a punishing bout. Layla begins with a clothesline, and begins to unload on a shocked Mutiny! She learns all about Layla’s strength, as she is punished with her iron claw, Boston crab, and a nasty body scissors! Mutiny refuses to give up and is rewarded with having her face beaten into the turnbuckle! Mutiny digs deep and attempts a comeback, kicking Layla into the corner… But the powerful amazon Layla shows her amazing strength, picking her up easily onto her shoulders, helicopter spinning her high in the air! Mutiny is then chocked nicely, to soften her up for more beatings! Working her over with a horrible stretch muffler, Mutiny screams in pain. More leg and ankle work further cripple the Canadian brawler, and leave her helpless to Layla’s devastating school girl pin. The powerful amazon, stands high above her in a victory pose.

You just have to love Mutiny when she’s up against these immeasurable odds. Mutiny might have had a better chance verses Tiny (not likely) then she did against Layla. Mutiny is totally dominated for almost this entire vid as Layla size and strength are just too much for the Canadian brawler to handle. Mutiny has a lot of fire in her and zero quit, so she keeps fighting back, but keeps getting tossed back to the mats and trap in another hold until final Layla, almost literally, snuffs that fire out. This is a great mismatch with some very nice selling from Mutiny, as always and some pretty nice moves by Layla, who’s not afraid to use her size to her advantage, but also showing of her power and pure brutality.

Overall Score: 9/10


6 comments on “Review of Amazon Ass Beating for Mutiny!
  1. Profile photo of redmanx redmanx says:

    I don’t think theres anybody who can sell a defeat like this better than gorgeous Mutiny! When it comes to getting her sexy ass kicked by bigger, stonger women, or men, Mutiny is in a class of her own, she just looks so sexy being dominated like this!

    • Profile photo of Anakreon Anakreon says:

      Redmanx, when I was a boy, I used to hide my erotic fetishes as that seemed too bizarre to me. I thought I was the only strange boy with such strange fantasies. I felt ashamed on that. But, in the internet era, I’ve found out that wasn’t just me who got excited by watching girls fighting and faking domination and knock outs… Now I see that this is a human fantasy and I am very glad to share my enthusiasm and read comments like yours.

  2. Profile photo of Anakreon Anakreon says:

    Why in the world such scenes are so powerful? Viagra can’t make better erections than simple scenes like this one:

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