Review of Allie Parker vs Saharra Huxly

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Review of Women’s Mat WrestlingAllie Parker vs Saharra Huxly – 9 mins

In the very first of our cage style series of matches, resident amazon and cage fighting queen Saharra Huxly welcomes the significantly smaller Allie Parker in, and promptly tears her the fuck apart! Allie is no match at all for Saharra’s size, strength, and downright viciousness! Allie may have been a dirty fighter in the ring, but her tactics got NOTHING on what Saharra is capable of! It’s a one of a kind beatdown that leaves poor Allie KO’d on the mat in “This is MY Cage Bitch”! Prior to being beaten limb from limb, Allie storms into the cage fairly cocky. Little does she know what awaits her! She even has the gall to say she’s not scared one bit of the Amazon who stands before her. Big mistake! Before she knows it, Allie finds a big strong hand wrapped around her throat and her back against the cage! Saharra wonders who told her she could even enter her cage to start with, let alone say THAT! She lets go of Allie at that point and proceeds to whip her across the cage, with her back hitting the other end of it hard. With her confidence shaken, Allie tries to turn things around a little, but only ends up in a rough front facelock after not hitting Saharra’s hands strong enough when she let her try. She’s not wanting to play games! When Allie backs away and again tries to say she’s not scared (despite heavy evidence suggesting otherwise by this point), she goes right back to that same hold, questioning who even taught her to wrestle. If she can’t lock up with her, Allie must not know much in Saharra’s mind! Allie’s fear really begins to show here, as she begins to try and run from the muscular woman. She really has nowhere to go through obviously, trapped in the cage with her, and soon she’s taken down to the mat where the REAL punishment starts! From this dominant position, Allie is rocked repeatedly as if she was a little baby (complete with singing), followed by being locked in a really powerful bodyscissor. Saharra has a TON of fun with this move in particular, moving Allie back and forth as if she were a rag doll, while squeezing the life out of her! She throws in a brief full nelson as well for good measure! After all of this, Allie is pretty pissed! She boldly yet stupidly states she’s gonna get Saharra for all this….which naturally leads to more torment! The punishment now, comes in the form of a backbreaker with a dragon sleeper attached to it. To make matters worse, Allie has her stomach smacked hard as hell while she is held too! Allie really needs to learn when to shut up sometimes, it never ends that well for her when she doesn’t! It’s about to get even more painful for her too unfortunately, because next Saharra stomps on Allie’s stomach twice while imploring her to stay down, and then presses that same foot she used there, into her crotch with her legs spread wide! And she doesn’t stop at just those tactics, she starts to stretch her out also! She does this first with a boston crab, and then switches over to a standing surfboard from that! Finally, she finishes off a trifecta of holds with a bow and arrow! Allie is a total wreck from all the pain she is being put through here! She can’t focus on it too long however, because when Saharra has finished stretching her body like hell, it’s reverse facesitting time! Saharra savors every second of sitting on Allie’s protesting face. And when Allie starts to fight it just a little too much for her liking, it’s right back to the more physical punishment! She harshly stomps at her crotch a number of times, incensed that Allie even came into her cage at all! More chokes come after this, starting with a throat choke, then moving to another dragon sleeper of sorts with this one seeing Allie’s head buried in her crotch, and then finishing with a crushing headscissor. Allie’s air continues to be taken from her beaten body even after the chokes too, with Saharra doing push-ups right over chest and stomach coming down on that area hard, and smacking her once in the stomach after finishing those just for the hell of it. Now the totally destroyed Allie tries to really start to play nice girl…claiming she didn’t mean to come to her cage and bother her. This gets her whipped back into the cage again, both sides in fact! Allie pleads with Saharra for her to stop, and then after being taken back down to the mat, tries to act tough again claiming she’s only a little afraid, but not really. Course Saharra isn’t buying any of this act! Somehow though, she has a smidge of mercy……or so it seems! She “lovingly” picks Allie up, and after going through the game of playing “nice”, she picks up Allie in a reverse style bearhug, doing this a few times. Being squeezed and lifted up like that puts Allie right back on dream street of course when she is let go. She collapses to the mat with in a heap, sputtering and coughing! So much for Saharra’s “niceness”! With Allie all but, Saharra puts a nasty end to her utter destruction! Following a harsh elbow to the back, Saharra takes her victim who yet again is trying to run from her, and puts her back in a bodyscissor. Unlike the earlier one though, this one is punctured with a face claw! The combination of having her ribs squeezed by Saharra’s legs and that knocks Allie into la-la land quickly, mercifully ending her brutal cage beating. Fantastic cage style domination here! Saharra shows exactly why she is the queen of the cage! If you are a fan of hers, or just want to see the ever cocky Allie Parker get hers for once, this is one you are going to want to see! We hope you enjoy the cage style setting too. (w/many thanks to Saharra herself for helping to make this happen) We plan to do many more videos just like this in the future, so stay tuned!

I figured I’d give myself a little preview of Saharra Huxly as I have yet to see her in action and she recently visited SKW and with the help of, as if she needed any help, but anyway, with the help of Kristie Etzold, she destroyed my lovely little Sparrow and Bambi, in two separate matches. This video from Women’s Mat Wrestling definitely gives a wonderful idea of just how terrifyingly awesome Saharra can be and Allie really sells that fear too. I do love how Allie came into the cage trying her hardest to pretend she wasn’t afraid of Saharra, but that act didn’t fool anyone. Only moments later Allie completely drops the act and all but runs out of the cage trying not to wind up in the grasps of Saharra. She should have ran out though as soon enough Saharra gets her hands on Allie and it’s quickly downhill from there. Saharra does whatever she damn well pleases to Allie and all Allie can do be beg for mercy, which she doesn’t get. Allie is bent and squeezed and squashed and tossed around until finally Saharra has had her fun and puts Allie out. I will say Saharra is horrifying, in the coolest way possible. She has the size, the look and clearly the power to show she’s not to be fooled with. She does a wonderful job tearing Allie to pieces, once she gets her hands in her and Allie couldn’t have conveyed her fear of Saharra any better. I also really like this MMA cage setting. I don’t have too many videos from Women’s Mat Wrestling, but this cool MMA cage and one sided destructions have definitely captured my attention. I’ll have to keep an eye in them for more videos like this.

Overall score: 9/10