Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldALLIE PARKER vs ANNE-MARIE: PRO STYLE – 20 Mins

Anne1The beautiful Allie Parker faces off against SKW vet Anne-Marie in this awesome back and forth, multi- fall pro battle that eventually turns into an all-out squash!  Here’s the breakdown: Round one: Allie dominates with elbow strikes to the face, a low blow, belly stomps, wall punches to the belly, knees to the belly, snap mare, failed pin, three drop kicks to the back of the neck, kickout by Anne-Marie, suplex KO, and a winning pin/victory pose! Round two: Anne-Marie reverses a sleeper with an eye rake and DDT KO, follows up with multiple leg drops to the throat KO, overkill leg drops, multiple belly splashes to a KO, overkill splashes, boston crab, extended sleeper hold KO, failed pin, super stunner KO, and a pin/victory pose! Round three: Anne traps Allie in a body scissors, followed by a lotus lock and a face f*cker triple KO, a failed pin , wall punches and strikes to the belly, a pedigree KO, and a near pin.  Allie reverses, however, nailing belly blows, elbows to the face, super clothesline, failed pin, an extended sleeper with convulsing, two DDT KOs, a fireman’s stunner, a brutal skull crushing vise grip (with drooling), multiple chair shots to the face, a chair shot UPPERCUT KO, and a final chair chokeout (with drool), for the matchbook pin and the win! WINNER: ALLIE PARKER!

Just when you thought this was going to be one of those pretty normal back and forth prostyle battles, in awesome prostyle outfits, round three turns this one into a massive and brutal squash. Now, don’t get me wrong the first two rounds are by no meaning disappointing. Both Anne and Allie pull off some awesome moves and in return give us some really great reactions as both ladies gain their respective round wins. But round three is when things really kick off. Allie starts out a little rough, but then takes it to Anne-Marie in stellar fashion, with Anne doing what she does best, over selling like a maniac. It may be some of Anne-Marie at her very best. Eye crossing, twitching, tongue protrusion and drooling at its finest. This is a fantastic reminder, in case some of you forgot, why Anne is by far one of the very best talents in the business and why she is and has been my favorite jobber of them all for quite some times.

Overall score 10/10