Review of ALLIE PARKER meets THE KID

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldALLIE PARKER meets THE KID – 17 Mins

AllieAfter expressing his admiration for Allie Parker’s skills on the mats, the lovely Allie replies insultingly, basically degrading SK’s experience… moments before she attacks.  She slams a forearm into SK’s chest, pushing him towards the wall… but a sudden front kick from Sleeperkid connects with the pro star’s groin and drops her like a rock!   Enraged, SK decides to teach this pro a lesson: that you NEVER insult the Boss Man in his own house!

This was the same kind of awesome one sided beatdown vid like Jessie Belle and Taeler Hendrix have experienced in the past, this time it’s Allie Parker suffering SK’s wrath. We get a ton amazingly sold KOs, including a ton of great over the top reactions. Lots of eyerolling, twitching and even some drooling and ragdolling. I love the way Allie twitches, it’s very “fish out of water”, but it’s great and there’s a lot of it. Did I mention there was ragdolling? You guys know I love ragdolling and there’s a nice chunk of ragdolling in this, even my favorite, a totally limp piledriver. There’s all two drooling scenes, one is really nice, and the other is really over the top and ridiculous, like these style of vids always have at the end. This is an over the top reaction paradise and Allie sells it all so good. I love these vids and they are all so good and Allie’s is easily one of the best so far. Can’t wait to see who SK dismantles and ragdolls next.

Overall Score: 9.9/10