Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldALL SLEEPERS DAY 12 – 19 mins

We fade in on Sleeperkid speaking with the always dazzling Eden and noticing she is decked out in a Colombian themed World Cup Outfit.  She mentions that she knew he would appreciate the attire and what she is really hoping for is a match up with him, feeling she is experienced enough at this point to take him out in a sleeper holds only match.  Far be it from the Kid to ever turn down such a request and he agrees to the match, adding that each KO be followed by a pin. The match starts off and Eden immediately latches on with a sleeper of her own but folks, let’s be honest. You don’t get away with running a website like this for nearly two decades while going by the name Sleeperkid without knowing your way around the mats.  Before Eden can stop him, your favorite webmaster has broken free and locked the lovely brunette in an sleeper of his own, giving her a running commentary on the finer points of how to apply the hold as she is slowly forced to take a nice long nap and take the pin fall. Maybe it was because of Eden’s confidence but from that point on, it seems that the Kid is determined to show her that she is in no way ready to take him on as he proceeds to destroy Eden with a wide variety of sleeper variations and pins that have Eden reduced to a pathetic ragdoll in no time at all.  Giving credit where it is due, she fights desperately to escape each one (in fact, for fans of legs sliding on the mat and prolonged struggle before fading out, this match is a dream!) but there is no doubt that Eden choose poorly in stepping up to the Kid today. A final seated sleeper, where Eden is forced to tell the viewers “nighty night” as she goes out, is followed by a final ten count matchbook pin as Sleeperkid proves once again how he got the name! Your Winner: Sleeperkid

This is a pretty easy video to review. We have the amazing Eden looking outstanding as always, this time in a sexy Columbian soccer outfit. I swear this girl could probably make wearing a karate GI look sexy… well, maybe not, but anything short of that, she’s got it. Anyway, Eden gets repeated KO’d with a surprisingly wide variety of sleeper holds. Each time selling her ass off with great struggling and beautiful eyerolling. Sometimes we get some twitching, most of the time we get a pin. There’s really nothing not to love here. Eden has definitely started to become a unique performer. She got all the look and attitude and booming personality you could ever as for. It is definitely time to see Eden do some more intense videos, like something vs Tiny or an overkill or exhaustion style video. That’s what I look forward to seeing her next and this video was the final proof I needed to let me know she is definitely ready to give up the bestselling possibly can.

Overall score: 9/10