Review of Alisa Knocked Out

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Review of Girls Getting SleepyAlisa Knocked Out – 15.5 Mins

alisaAlisa agrees to help a classmate who is struggling to understand the assignments. She comes to his apartment on campus one afternoon, ready to study, but her friend has other ideas. For him, it’s the perfect time to try out his new knock-out-ray gun on a pretty girl. He slowly raises the gun towards Alisa’s face and pulls the trigger. Alisa’s eyes roll and cross as she struggles to remain conscious. Soon though Alisa gives in to sleep, and her body becomes a limp play toy.

It’s been a little while since I brought you guys something from GGS, but when I saw this one starring SKW’s Alisa, I figured it was worth picking up. As is with 90% or more of GGS videos from this one is a POV vid. Alisa looks very good in “street clothes” which get partially stripped off by end, leaving her shirt off and bottoms, teasingly unbuttoned. Alias gives us some nice selling in the 3 or 4, nicely spread out, quick KOs. And there’s the expected groping, foot views and limp play that you normally get in GGS videos. Overall, it’s nice to see Alisa somewhere other than SKW/JVF, but it’s still just a “par for the course” GGS vid, which isn’t meant as an insult, just nothing new or different to see here.

Overall score: 8.5/10