Review of Monsters N’ Maidens ALIEN INVASION – 5 Mins

MonsterBrook is stranded when her car is broken down at a park. When she goes off to look for help, she quickly finds she’s not alone… She followed by a monster who makes a mysterious sphere appear in front of her. Brook examines it and suddenly passes out. The monster checks out Brook’s sleeping body, but is gone when Brook awakes. Brook tries to get away, but is stopped by the monster with the sphere in hand, this time Brook is mind controlled, made to walk up to the monster and pass out in his arms. The monster then carries her away.

A brand new production here, testing the waters with a couple of simple, short and cheap vids. Brook is the star of this one and she is super cute. There’s no dialog in this vid, even though it’s not too hard to figure out what’s going on, I would have liked Brook to say something. There are two KOs in this vid, both of them are pretty instant, so there’s not much selling to do. I think with this being a brand new production and with them keeping the vids short and simple, is a good way to start, but is also a bit of a teaser. I’d like to see what they can do once they get comfortable and start making some longer more complicated vids. The camera work and editing looks good and the Monsters N’ Maidens idea could easily prove to be fun. For now, for 5 bucks there no reason not to stop by N’ check some of their clips.

Overall Score: 7.5/10