Review of A Lesson in Knockouts

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsA Lesson in Knockouts – 24.5 mins

Renee discovers an unconscious Bella laying in the ring and finds out that Madison has just defeated her in a wrestling match. She’s been wanting to learn some new knockout holds so Madison is happy to use the groggy and dazed Bella to demonstrate them. For each hold, Madison wakes up Bella and knocks her out then shows Renee how to apply the holds. Renee learns a rear naked choke, a figure four head scissors, a mounted front sleeper, an anaconda vice, a reverse head scissor, a mounted hand smother, a strait jacket choke, and a temple drill. Madison then shows Renee some pins before carrying the sleeping blond over her shoulder to the dressing room. You’ll definitely enjoy Bella’s great eye rolls and crossed eyes as she goes to sleep over and over again!

Another kick ass video from FWR, with the outstanding Bella Ink. I love the idea of using Bella as a practice dummy, too weak and dizzy to fight back after being dominated by Madison, which I would also love to see that match. There’s a few really fun things about this video that overall make it awesome. The first being Bella’s reactions. We get a ton or great eye reactions and tongue protrusion as Bella fights against Madison’s attacks. The next fun thing is Bella is completely unconscious for Renee’s application of the holds, totally limp, no resistance at all. Now, I will say it would have be a super great addition if we got some kind of reaction out of Bella when Renee applied the holds Madison was teaching her, even if was just a little more eye rolling or tongue protrusion or of course some twitching would have been fantastic and it would have shown us that Renee was indeed putting the holds on properly, but unfortunately, Bella doesn’t react in anyway once KO’d by Madison. Anyway, back to the good things, I love that there was no hidden agendas, no magical comeback story, just Madison teaching Renee some moves, Renee just taking in all the lessons and then Madison carries Bella off. With vids like this is really easy to go for someone turning on someone before then end and it was nice to see that not happen for once. And lastly, we get some nice pins at the end, I love pins, almost as much as I love twitching, so a couple of sexy pins back to back was great, and everyone wearing boots also makes it just that much better too, in my opinion. So overall, very great vid, love the idea of it, love all the KOs, all the ragdolling, love that we got to have Bella Ink play the practice dummy, love Bella’s selling and just wished there was a little bit of reactions during the ragdolling, but clearly the good outweighs that one missed opportunity and this vid will be getting a lot of replays from me.

Overall Score: 9.9/10