Review of Agility Over Power

Review of DefeatedAgility Over Power – 7.5 mins

Lilith and Tracy are both decked out in boxing gear, working out, doing some pushups when Lilith falls, tired after just a few pushups. Tracy calls Lilith weak and that she is stronger than her when it comes to fighting too. Lilith says “try me” and the fight is on. The ladies square up and for a kick boxing match. Lilith proves the strength isn’t everything, as she flawlessly defeats Tracy not once, not twice, but three times in a row. Lilith proves to be too fast for Tracy, she defends herself from Tracy’s attacks and returns fire completely dominating her, knocking her down and knocking her out. After each KO Lilith takes a victory pose and after the third time this match is over and Lilith is you undisputed victor.

More Defeated action for you guys and a little more boxing action, actually kickboxing action coming at you this time. In a little bit of an upset, Lilith absolutely dominates Tracy. I say “little bit of an upset”, because Lilith has proven to not be the push over she once was, but I still expect her to lose most of the time. But not this time, she dominates and not even in a really fancy way either. Lilith is just faster than Tracy, is able to get out of the way of her punches and with a few quick kicks and some big punches Tracy goes down. I like the simplicity of this one, easy KOs followed by Lilith’s smug/cocky victory poses. For being thin and dainty enough to get drifted away in heavy winds, Lilith can be pretty cocky and confident and that alone is fun to me. I also like the boxing gear, the shorts, gloves and kick pads (I guess you’d call those shoe like things). Although I don’t know what’s with Defeated’s obsession with black outfits. It would have been nice to see some colors, red or blue or white or pink, I’m not sure why most things have to be black, but nonetheless, the boxing gear is cool and I look forward to seeing them in use more often. I think the speedy little Lilith thing could be a great idea for future upsets too.

Overall Score: 8.5/10