Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldAGENTS vs THE VAMPIRESS – 17 Mins

AveryWe fade in on agents Sumiko, Saya Savage, and Avery making their way into a house they think belongs to a criminal who’s been kidnapping women in a nearby town.  The three split up only to discover a horrible truth: that a VAMPIRESS (played by Jacquelyn Velvets) has been dining on the missing victims!   One by one, the agents fall to the Vampiress’ bite moments after she appears behind them. We then fade in on all three agents in Jacquelyn’s basement lair, all dressed in virgin white bikinis.  They come to but the Vampiress appears, freezing them with her mind powers!  She chokes them without touching them, slowly draining them of consciousness as they stand there.  They finally pass out, still standing until the Vampiress releases them! What follows is a 1 on 3 torturous destruction…as the evil vampire toys with her victims, knocking them out repeatedly until a final set of blood sucking bites leaves all three agents down and out…destined to be future meals for the vicious Velvets!

You just got the love the creativity when I comes to vids like this. The all mighty Vampiress is just showing off her powers against the three unsuspecting agents. This one does start out a little slow as it shows how the agents get captured. There is some nice eyerolling from Avery and Sumiko in this part though. Then the show really kicks off once all the girls are in the mat room, piled on top of each other and in their white bikinis. I love every bit of the following events, from the telekinetic chokeouts, nice tongue protrusion and eyerolling for that. The hypnosis, forcing the girls to pretty much KO themselves, especially Sumiko’s invisible opponent, she’s so good at that I’m happy for every little opportunity to see it. They when they are made to fight each other, Saya takes out both Sumiko and Avery in one very impressive move. And then it’s all capped off with each agent suffering a vampire bite to KO. Beautiful selling the whole way through and what I would consider a little over the top, I love the disappearing special effects and the agents just look phenomenal in there little bikinis. Like I said, you just have to love fun creative vids like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10