Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldAGENT SUMIKO’S DEMISE – 29 mins

A Secret Agent, A Bikini Clad Massage Therapist/Contract Killer, and a Twin Sister out for revenge all collide in this awesome video!!! We open on Agent Sleeperkid on the phone with his contact, relating how many enemy Agent’s he has eliminated along his path to get to Agent Velvets.  Taking out that many enemies though is enough to get to anyone and, realizing he has earned a bit of a break, he’s hired a massage therapist to come over and help him relieve some tension!  In walks Sumiko, looking drop dead gorgeous in an incredible bikini, as his massage therapist.  SK couldn’t be more pleased as Sumiko starts to work on his tired shoulders but, as a wise Admiral once warned us, IT’S A TRAP! A low blow followed by an Inverted Stomp Facebreaker  and Sleeperhold quickly have SK helpless on the mat as it is revealed Sumiko has been hired to take out SK by Agent Velvets.  However, she needed to be a bit more thorough in her application of the hold because as she leaves a voicemail for her boss telling her the job is done, SK rises back up to return the favor!  His sleeper proves more effective and eliminates Agent Sumiko.  He calls his contact to relate what just happened and finds out that Sumiko has a twin who will be coming to seek revenge. Thus the trap is set… When the twin arrives, planning to sneak attack Agent SK, she finds him more than ready and he proceeds to repeatedly KO the rival agent with everything from a Sleeperhold, Temple Drill, and Triangle Choke to a Mandible Claw and multiple Tombstone Piledrivers.  Sumiko’s Twin is left a drooling mess, begging for mercy as Agent SK makes her reveal Agent Velvets hideout.  After having his contact verify the information, he mercifully eliminates the Twin with a final Sleeperhold and prepares to head out to handle his final target as we fade to black!

Not only is this another awesome Sumiko squash, but is also a continuation of the story that started in SPARROW meets THE KID and continues in AGENT PURR’S DEMISE. So that means we get the same kind of selling from Sumiko as we did from Sparrow and Lucy, not crazy over top selling, but still nice over the top action. I like beginning of this one just of the silly bikini massage therapist thing, but definitely not for the little part so SK getting KO’d. Luckily that is a very small part of the video, I can always skip that part and Sumiko’s selling, as you can imagine is picture perfect, totally overshadows that negative bit. I did feel like the move set here was a bit sleeper hold heavy, but again, Sumiko selling that over and over is not a bad thing to watch. We also get a plenty of other moves too, including a limp piledriver and a Mandible Claw to name a few. I think from here there’s only one more agent to for SK to tackle and that is, the ringleader herself, Agent Jacquelyn Velvets. After all, he got no information from Sparrow, I think, got Jacquelyn’s name from Lucy and her location from Sumiko. So I assume she is next and I cannot wait to see that. We will get the same selling style and a whole lot of that outstanding eyerolling that we all know and love Miss Velvets for. Can’t wait to see that one, but this one is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed either. I mean it’s Sumiko after all, that really goes without saying.

Overall Score: 9.9/10