Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldAGENT PURR’S DEMISE – 23 mins

The description SK posted for this one is the full script for the custom and that was TL/DR for me so I figured I would make a quicker summery here. So, Lucy is sent to try and take out SK after Sparrow’s demise in SPARROW meets THE KID. SK starts out with some training clones of Lucy that he easily takes out with a KO and neck snap, leaving the clones spread eagled in his wake. While he is talking about how his training is complete and his is ready for Lucy, the real Agent Lucy sneaks up and with a quick low blow beings her attack on SK, eventually leading to her own neck snap finish. Next we see Lucy bragging about how she’s avenged Sparrow and how it was actually pretty easy, another SK enters from behind and dishing out his own low blow informs Lucy that she merely killed an SK body clone and he is the real SK, or so he thinks. Anyway, SK demolishes the real Agent Lucy with a ton of KOs most of them have Lucy drooling or twitching and sometimes both. SK is able to extract some info through his torturing of Lucy and finds out that both her and Sparrow where sent by none other than Jacquelyn Velvets. Having had his fun and getting all the info he needed, a final neck snap brings and end to this adventure as SK leaves Lucy spread eagle for Miss Velvets to find.

So, right off the bat I’m going to let you know that I skipped the section where Lucy is in control, as you should know by now, with no disrespect, it just isn’t my style. That small section however doesn’t come close to putting a damper on the performance we get from Lucy in this video. From beginning to end Lucy is selling every scene, every KO like the veteran she is becoming, putting pretty much every previous performance to shame, not including THE PURRFECT DREAMS and FINISH HER!, and that’s not saying she hasn’t sold well before, but more to the fact of just how outstanding this showing was. Easily my new favorite Lucy clip and giving me a true new respect for her selling capabilities. Of course the over the top stuff greatly helps in my enjoyment, but I feel even without I would still have been just as impressed. The storyline here is also interesting, as apparently we may have an ongoing saga here, starting with Sparrow and ending in a Mr. and Mrs. Smith type thing with Jacquelyn being the master mind behind it all. I sure hope we get to see Miss Velvets try and take on SK herself, I would love nothing more than to see Jackie sell her ass off in a clip like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10