Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldAGENT LUNA vs THE MACHINE – 22 Mins

Agent Luna’s battles against the Machine continue… but while the last few entries have concentrated on mostly belly punching, this one provides a wider variety of tortures for our hapless heroine! This custom clip begins with the lovely Luna in charge… but the evil Machine turns the tables and destroys the agent, using a barrage of belly blows to wear down and eventually finish off his prey… but not before weakening her with a few other wicked finishers!!

It is always just so amazing to see Luna dominated, but even when it’s Luna playing the jobber, if there’s nothing but belly punches to sell it gets a little boring. So thank God this time we get a bunch of power moves thrown in. It makes the video exponentially better allowing Luna to do what she does best. There’s still a ton of belly punches here, but the fact that there’s more than just belly punishment actually makes the belly punches better. Luna of course is excellent in her over the top selling, lots of great sounds and expressions pouring out of Luna as well as twitching, a big spit take at the end and a little overkill belly punching to top things off. This was a massive improvement, in my opinion, to the usual way these Luna vs The Machine or Luna vs Anne Marie matches have been and I hope to all that is holy that they continue to be like this no matter who stars in the next one.

Overall score: 9.9/10