Review of Agent Coco

Review of Heroine MoviesAgent Coco – 30.5 mins

Agent Alexis is missing, and a new agent has been dispatched to uncover evidence of her whereabouts. When Agent Coco encounters the same masked thug who is a major suspect in the disappearance, she dishes out a quick beat down interrogation. But the villain has a secret plan for Agent Coco, and renders her weakened and helpless. The thug delivers a series of vicious beat downs and enjoys toying with Agent Coco in various stages of unconsciousness, humiliating her for daring to interfere with his plans.

My quest for a never ending supply of Coco videos has led me to a familiar site, Heroine Movies, the literal hub of all things superheroine. When I grow up, I want my site to something like theirs, except, mine will be for all things over the top and ridiculous. Anyway, Agent Coco is off to find another missing agent, but ends up getting taken herself, of course. The first thing I have to talk about is this masked baddie and his mask… I guess his mask maker couldn’t make a mask with 3 equally sized holes, or at least two small ones and one big one for the mouth, because I can’t look at this guy with his mask looking all crooked, with half a check hanging out and half his mouth covered, I just laughed every time he was on screen. But in the end he does hand out a great beating on poor Agent Coco. From his secret device that shocks Coco into near unconsciousness, to the brutal fisticuffs style beat down, with great selling from Coco as always, plenty of KOs, lots of punch drunkenness, the way I love to see Coco, it’s all packed into this video. There even a little KO montage showing him just KO Coco every times she wakes up, with punches to the face, from out of nowhere, loved that part. These a little handcuff to a chair scene for more face punching, some really brutal looking low blows throughout, with again great reactions from Coco. And finally the cat suit gets opened up, for a little look the bra she’s got on and the boots come off at the very end, which is fine by me. She had the boots on for the whole beat down, I’m not going to complain about them being removed at the very end. Overall, the quality is excellent, the acting is great, the ski mask is hilarious, the beat down is excellent and Coco looks just as amazing a she sells. Another great Coco vid you don’t want to miss.

Overall Score: 9.9/10