Review of Agent Coco 2

Review of Heroine MoviesAgent Coco 2 – 27.5 mins

Agent Coco is on the trail of a missing agent who vanished under suspicious circumstances. When she encounters the man she believes responsible for the disappearance, a fight breaks out. Initially, Agent Coco dominates, but she is soon overpowered, only to find herself the victim of a brutal beatdown, knockouts, ragdolling, belly punches, face punches, low blows, backbreaker, bearhug, bondage, electric shocks, choking, dizziness, and more. Note: This is a custom video involving a fair amount of unconsciousness, frisking, etc., similar to the first Agent Coco and Agent Alexis videos.

This is something that I sure would love to see become a long running series, which I guess I could say about a lot of Coco vids, that doesn’t matter though, because I’m talking about this vid. Agent Coco was a great vid that I still watch and I was excited to see a squeal for. I mean even though I am not a body suit fan I find it incredibly difficult to complain about Coco wearing this one, I might even say I like it… This one does get off to a slow start as it’s building the story and has Coco winning for a little while, almost too long for me, but soon a lot of the great things that made the original video start coming in as Coco gets tazed and completely loses control of the situation and soon get KO’d. The rest of the video is filled with all things we love to see happen to Coco, with more beatdowns, KOs and limp play. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a KO montage this time, which I really enjoyed for them first time. But Coco did become a human punching bag for a while, with even more tazer action too. As I said, I would love to see these become a series, Coco is just a great talent, I don’t care too much about where she is, but as long as she’s making content like this, I’ll be happy and busy, making more reviews for you guys.

Overall Score: 9.5/10