Review of AGENCY SKW

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldAGENCY SKW – 23 mins

A TRULY EPIC 4 WAY KNOCKOUT BATTLE BETWEEN SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE SKW FIGHTERS! We fade in on four agents (played by Sarah Brooke, Eden, Sumiko, and Saya Savage), out cold in one of Agency SKW’s training room after having been kidnapped from their “day jobs”.  They slowly come to and a voice fills the room, telling them that they’ve ALL been considered for new agent status at SKW, a job they’ve all been coveting for years. They’re told that whoever remains standing after a no holds barred battle will win the position… and the rest will be disposed of. This sparks off an INTENSE 4-way battle that leaves three agents down for the count… and one walking away with one hell of a promotion!

Quick spoiler, the winner might have walked away with the promotion, but certainly didn’t walk way from this match, as this one ends just how it started, with a beautiful four girl body pile. This is quite a fun video packed with more KOs then you would find in a sentry girls vid, and that’s saying something. There’s double KOs, triple KOs, body piles and sneak attacks and has great line up of beauty and talent. All the girls do a great job selling all this mayhem as they all get a chance to get KO’d repeatedly. I will say that Sumiko and Eden were my two favorites, but I don’t mean that the Sarah and Saya didn’t do as well, because that’s not true at all, Sumiko and Eden just got KO’d in the best ways or had the better reactions (Eden twitching on top of a body pile). No matter what, they all got KO’d in great ways. Only thing I have against this vid is that it’s over in what feels like no time. There’s so much going on 15 mins just flies by. Then there’s a ton of outtakes, just to give you an idea of how much it took to make that 15 mins of fury flow so well. It’s a crazy, unique video starring some of our favorite girls and a first time visitor that shouldn’t be missed.

Overall Score: 9.5/10