Review of ADDIE vs THE KID

Review of Sleeperkid’s World ADDIE vs THE KID – 22 Mins

AddieIt’s been YEARS since the lovely Addie Juniper and SK have tangled, so this “reunion” feels like an instant classic.  We start off with Addie stretching on the mats when a call comes in.  Turns out a lot of SKW wrestlers are upset after having lost to the boss man, so they decide to pay Addie to take him down!  An evil grin crosses Miss Juniper’s face as she happily accepts.  Moments later she’s in the mat room with the Kid, having called him in for a sudden sneak attack!  Addie nails a low blow that floors SK and goes to work.  She knocks the Kid out immediately with a tightly held sleeper, then follows up with a reverse push-up neck scissors! Worn down, SK is hauled up and placed in a perfect piledriver position, but Addie’s smile quickly disappears when he lifts her completely upside down and nails a REVERSE PILDERIVER KO!!!  Addie is OUT COLD, and an enraged SK decides to send a message to those that would see him destroyed!  He proceeds to take Addie apart, hold by hold… move by move, until a final KO seals the deal, leading to another SK victory!

I love Addie, but if I was looking for someone to kick SK’s ass, I don’t think she’d be the one I’d call. Lucky for us, a random group of SKW girls choose Addie to take on SK. Addie starts off strong using her sneak attack to get a KO or two on SK, but her luck soon runs out as SK reverses her piledriver. She gives us a little twitching here, but no more for the rest of the beatdown. However, it is a great beatdown that she gets. SK uses a lot of moves, mostly submission moves, but still taking the time for some KOs and pins along the way. As I said, I love Addie, l love the way she reacts to all moves, from grabbing the correct leg after a figure four, to her punch drunk expression while taking punches, she is a really great jobber. I love how great she looks, the bikini, knee pads and boots look phenomenal on her.  I really enjoyed the wide array of moves, the multiple pins and the 3 different piledrivers at the end to finish her off. Of course I always want some over the top stuff, but this a super solid squash even without that stuff.

Overall Score: 9/10