Review of Addie Juniper in Knocked Out and Played With at the Office

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Review of Funhouse Clips Addie Juniper in Knocked Out and Played With at the Office! – 7 Mins

addieHere at the office, Bobby is always asking his sexy boss Addie Juniper out for a lunch date but of course she always turns him down. Well today is finally the day that Bobby has enough of the rejections as he decided to send Addie off to lala land. Once he has her where he wanted her it was time to have some limb play fun. That is when he lifted her up out of her chair and started to feel up that sexy limp body of hers as he drags her across to the wall. All while he talks junk to her the whole time. Than it was time to bend her over and dry hump that nice round booty of hers as he showed who the boss is now. If that wasn’t enough, he called for his buddy Mr. Spacely into the office so he can join into the action. That is when they started to smell her lovely soles as she was in her office chair in lala land. To finish things up, Bobby found some tape as he decided to restrain her arms to the chair to show boss lady who is in control now!

Addie Juniper and Funhouse, that’s as a good combination. Everyone I know loves Addie, she great at all the crazy fetish stuff she does, including a little sleepy, limp play action. Got a nice set up her as Bobby is hopelessly hitting on his boss. After being turned down, he hits her with the first ever “smell my finger” KO. A technique that has me laughing every time I see it, never seen anything like that. With a nice bit of eyerolling from Addie, she goes right out. Then it’s all limp play for there, even having Mr. Spacely come join in the fun. There’s some carrying, before Mr. Spacely shows up and then some foot worship between the two them once he does. They don’t hang around too long and soon leave Addie, tapped to her chair. Also a nice little treat, Addie isn’t wearing panties. Another Funhouse special, quick, fun, solid content, this one staring the Addie Juniper.

Overall Score: 8/10