Review of Addie Juniper in Hot Girl, Wrong House Knock Out!

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Review of Funhouse ClipsAddie Juniper in Hot Girl, Wrong House Knock Out! – 7 Mins

addieSexy girl next door type by the name of Addie Juniper was visiting town and looking to reunite with her girlfriend Kimmy, too bad for her she showed up to the wrong house. Of course when you have a hot girl over you should definitely try to get her to stay even if she showed up to the wrong party. Once Addie figured out she was at the wrong place she was trying to leave but thanks to me I managed to get her to stay for a few minutes to meet my cousin Loco. As soon as he came running out to meet her she totally went off to lala land on us. Now its time to have some limb play fun with her sexy limp body. Loco didn’t waste anytime to feel her up and take off those flip flops of hers as he continued to check out her feet and sniff them up one by one. Than he lifted her up and carried her around a bit that is when he decided to bring her into the kitchen. That is where he decided to bend her over and dry hump that nice round booty. This limp chick was definitely in a living nightmare if she ever woke up during all this madness. Before this did happen, Loco laid her down on to the kitchen floor where he decided to take a nap on top of her after all the playtime was over!

I got another good laugh from this Funhouse clip, as Addie is suddenly introduced to cousin Loco. A man she was told was not weird. He just happens to not talk, only grunt, he likes the smell of feet, and he’ll take a nap in your unconscious lap on the kitchen floor, but he’s totally not weird. I do thoroughly enjoy the light-hearted and often silly nature of most of these Funhouse clips. This is another one with some nice limp play, as Addie is played with a little, then carried around for a bit, then sat in the corner on the kitchen floor. It did feel a little cramped, as it seemed like the camera couldn’t back up for full body shots when I expected it to, but other than that, this is another quick and simple limp play from the totally not weird guys over at Funhouse.

Overall Score: 8/10