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Review of Kayla ObeyActing Challenge – 8 mins

“The acting in this movie is pretty terrible. I bet I could do a better job playing than them…Oh you want me to prove it? Fine, challenge accepted. You do know that I will need someone to kyill me though…” Kayla plays out a number of scenes, each time acting like she gets hit by a b1llet in the chest, heart, or belly before going down. In one she wears her Supergirl costume for you. “So how did I do?….It turns you on when I act ?…No, I don’t find that weird. To be honest, it kind of turns me on too…I want you to hit me in my heart one last time. And I want you to know, I don’t mind if you play with my body a little bit afterwards…after all, I’ll never even know.”

Got more of the fan favorite gun down Kayla type videos here, this one she starts out complaining about the acting in the show she’s watching and that she could do it better. So of course we get several scenes of Kayla being gunned down and then some good shots of Kayla after she’s bit it. The stand out difference for me for this video is Kayla’s outfit. I know we all love to watch as Kayla meets her demise, but I also like that each one of these offer something a little different than the others, so the causal look with the boots I think is great, I really like boots as I’ve mentioned, I really love when some kind of footwear is added to vids and this definitely fits the bill. There’s also one scene where Kayla wears her Supergirl outfit and any chance to see her in that is also very welcomed. Overall, these kind of vids aren’t so popular for no reason and if you don’t mind her wearing boots through most of these scene then you’ll love this one as much as the others.

Overall Score: 9/10