Review of A Twisted Ending

Review of Velvets FantasiesA Twisted Ending – 12 mins

Agents Velvets and Coco have been equipped with the task of training in a virtual reality program to test their skills against one another in a ‘no weapons/bare hands only’ rules contest. The agents comply, and the program begins…but Jacquelyn is way too fast for her rookie opponent.  She grabs Coco under the chin and the top of her skull as her prey begs, but a single snap of the neck silences her instantly.  And so it begins…round after round of the more experienced Velvets getting the drop on Coco and taking her out with multiple neck snaps, and even some overkill snaps to make “sure”.  After multiple takedowns, it’s time to tally up the score, with Coco pouting angrily as agent Velvets is given the win.  Coco suddenly attacks, snapping Jacquelyn’s neck before the blonde beauty has a chance to celebrate.  Their boss is impressed by Coco’s voracity, but in order to get her out of the VR program, he has to perform a final POV neck snap that ends the session, leaving two broken beauties piled up on a bed as the camera fades to black…

Another really nice spy demise, neck snapping video from Velvets Fantasies. This time Coco and Miss Velvets herself go at, for some spy vs. spy, neck snappy goodness. Much to my surprise, this one was unusually one sided. I have gotten very used to these kinds of vids just naturally being very back and forth and normally ending in a tie with both prospects getting promoted in the end, not this time however. Even though the scenes are set up to go back and forth, with Coco sneaking up on Jackie and vice versa, it always Jacquelyn who ends up taking Coco down. This was quite the welcomed change to the normal format, I do love it when things end up being one sided. Coco again does a wonderful job selling her role and looks absolutely amazing in this shiny red thong bikini. And of course Jackie looks great too and just does fantastic, as always, being the smug veteran spy. But Coco does get the last laugh, sort of, attacking Agent Velvets after the games have ended and getting one neck nap on her. Her victory is short lived however as SK says he has to take her down too in order to get them out of the VR program, giving us a final body pile and a one Velvets death stare. Overall, I can’t get enough of Coco and this one being the one that just happened to be one sided works out great for me because it just means more Coco action and that is always a great thing.  

Overall Score: 9.5/10