Review of A Tale of Two Agents

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsA Tale of Two Agents – 26 mins

Keri and Skye are two agents working from the same command center. They’ve been sent on a job to scope out the scene and verify whether or not the perps are still lingering behind. They walk in to an empty room, and it’s not long before Keri finds Skye’s behavior…suspicious. She turns on her partner, questioning her at length. Skye isn’t feeling the Q and A, so she tries to just brush Keri off. Instead of letting it go Agent Keri decides to take more drastic measures by cold clocking Agent Skye right across the jaw. Skye whips around wide eyed before her eyes cross and she goes down like a ton of bricks. This is where it gets more interesting. As she murmurs to herself we find out that the two agents have a romantic history that Keri isn’t quite over. Spotting a unique opportunity, Keri begins undressing and ‘rediscovering’ Skye’s sexy, curvy body. When Skye starts to come around? Keri puts her right back out! For a while, at least. After Skye is left topless in just pantyhose Keri reverse mounts her to get down to business in the most up close and personal way possible. Just in the nick of time Skye comes to and slaps a sleeper hold on her ex and partner! Now it’s Keri’s turn to go down and out…at the hands of a vengeful Skye. The two Agents continue to try to gain the upper hand by way of rendering their foe limp and exposed. It’s a back and forth battle after the initial dominance is led by Keri. Skye and Keri both are battling in their panties and pantyhose (with Skye topless) and inflicting forced sensual groping, kissing and more.

A nice and sexy spy vs spy video here from Keri Spectrum. In this one former partners in life, current partners at work… ladies and gentlemen, this is why you don’t date people you work with, because they might knock you out and take advantage of your limp body. At least that’s the case here. Keri and Skye quickly turn on each other, in more ways then one as they try dominate one another… also in more ways than one and what happens is we get some nice back and forth, spy vs spy action with plenty of limp play and groping. Of course, I’m mainly here for the KOs, which I felt were well sold and happened often enough to keep me entertained with the other aspects of this video. I could have done without the pantyhose, but I know that’s a pretty big theme for a lot of you guys. I was happy to see that the lesbian action did last too long, they were often on to the next part after a minute or so. Those sensual scenes go on too long, I get bored fast. I think it was just about done right here. Overall, if you’re looking for some spy vs spy action that’s sexier than the neck snappy goodness I normally cover, then this one should suit you well.

Overall score: 8.5/10