Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA SUPER COMPETITION – 29 Mins

LunaTHE FIRST SKW CLIP TO FEATURE FULLY-RENDERED VISUAL/CGI FX! Agency SKW has hired two of its most beloved superheroines (Ella and Luna) to head up a new crime fighting division, but SK wants to stage a friendly multi-fall battle between the two best friends, if only to entertain the populace! The ladies are not allowed to use their powers until the final round…and it’s one HELL of a finale! Here’s the breakdown: ROUND ONE: The ladies grapple and Ella gets trapped in an armbar. Luna applies a deadly sleeper hold that slowly puts Ella out. She goes for the pin but Ella kicks out!  Ella double Luna over with a body blow and puts her out with her own sleeper hold KO.  Ella adds a single handed choke as she pins Luna, making sure the petite heroine stays out! ROUND TWO: The ladies grab each other in a brutal bearhug double grip, slowly weakening each other and slumping to the mats. Their grip never loosens as they both get woozy and blow out oxygen…but Ella manages to break away from Luna’s grasp and finish her off with a final ground bearhug. Exhausted, Ella passes out on her friend after a successful pin, leaving two sleeping heroines on the mats. ROUND THREE: The ladies agree to a chloroform battle, both rushing for the dosed rag and struggling.  Luna manages to mount Ella and go for the initial chloroform attack, but Ella pulls her into a chloro double KO kiss!  The girls slowly fade, but Luna manages to come to before her friend. She re-clamps the chloroform and sends Ella off to Dreamland. She nails the pin but decides to put herself out with the chloroform rag due to feeling so woozy! This leaves yet ANOTHER pileup on the mats! ROUND FOUR: This one starts off with a brutal double skull kick that leaves both girls completely out!  SK goes for the count out but the girls come to, this time applying a single AND double FOOT SMOTHER attack that leaves both girls completely out! ROUND FIVE: The ladies are finally allowed to use their powers!!!   Luna graciously allows Ella to take her first shot and Ella replies with a blue energy blast that pins Luna to the wall!  Ella smiles as her blast drains Luna, but we see red energy bolts lace themselves around Luna’s arm as she uses her powers to break the beam!  A shocked Ella can only stare at her hands, her power shut off by the counter-attack.  Luna smiles and shoots Ella with a heat beams that shoot from her eyes!  Ella is pinned against the wall and fades away from the intense heat.  She collapses and Luna decides to perform her finishing SOUL STEALING move!  She removes Ella’s Soul from her convulsing body and prepares to consume it, until SK reminds her that this is NOT THAT KIND OF FIGHT.  Luna snaps out of it and returns the soul to Ella’s body and goes for her final pin.  She wakes her friend up and the two smile as SK announces the end of the battle!

What starts out as a pretty normal multi-round SKW type battle, suddenly turns into an impressive special effects display as SK shows off some of his new SFX talents. This is totally a win/win type vid, because although SK might have given Ella a two for one round win, the wrestling section is great. Luna is always super impressive whether winning or losing, but definitely while losing, which we get some beautiful KOs from Luna. This is only Ella’s second vid and she also did very well. We get some nice double KOs, some sexy pins, a really nice self chloro and some body piles, leading up to the final round where some really cool effects steal the show. Some awesome effects really give the girls some really cool powers, I love the soul stealing and almost consumption of said soul. This is definitely just the start of what these effects can do and I look forward to what other powers they can come up with.

Overall Score: 9/10