Review of A Ragdoll named Athena 2

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingA Ragdoll named Athena 2 – 18 mins

It’s been over a month since Athena experienced her first ragdolling.  She has suffered losses, yes.  KO’s, submissions, pinfalls.  Athena is no stranger to competition.  However, there’s a difference between losing a hard fought fight, and being unnecessarily beaten into a cross eyed, twitching, drooling, humiliating spectacle.  Sugar did what no woman has been able to accomplish, not only beating Athena, but ragdolling the so called bad girl! In the following weeks, Athena was plagued with denial, anger, depression, and humility.  But as true competitors do, Athena pushed through the storm of emotions and conjured up enough energy to come out and beat the holy living hell out of Awesome Laney Dawson, in the video “Laney’s Lesson!”  Now Athena is back in the ring!  She is in her jeans and shirt, she knows Sugar is in town, and wants all female combat competitors to know, that not only was her loss a lucky fluke of a win for Sugar, but that She was gonna beat Sugar’s ass next time she sees her.  Unfortunately for Athena, she is unaware that Sugar is climbing in to the ring, just behind her, and can hear every word Athena is saying!  Sugar wastes no time, ambushing Athena from behind, slapping on a hand over mouth smother! Athena is helpless in Sugars grips as she begins to fade and fall to her bottom.  Athena is out, Sugar throws her KO’d body to the floor.  Athena’s body thuds on the canvas like a pile of rocks, as she lay glassy eyed staring in a stupor at the ceiling, Sugar kneels beside her smothered body to play with her limp limbs, assuring everyone sees the destruction she can impose on any woman!  If you are a fan of drooling, eye rolling, twitching, beatdowns of ragdoll squash matches, then make room on the hard drive for this INSTANT CLASSIC! As we watch Sugar do what she does so well, RagDoll Athena Law!  Sugar torments Athena with an arsenal of humiliating moves, all designed to highlight Sugar’s complete, overwhelming, and un-deniable dominance over Athena!  Sugar strips Athena of her shirt, and uses it to choke to helpless woman, Athena’s eyes turn white and she twitches as  Sugar pulls her jeans halfway down, exposing Athena’s panties!  Athena gets locked in a second sleeper, her pants at her knees, Athena twitches in submission to her dominate opponent!  Sugar stands Athena who is a stumbling mess, she mockingly pulls Athena’s pants back up, and sends a horrific bitch slap across poor Athena’s left cheek!  Spinning Athena in a circle, the impact knocking her cross eyed!  Athena’s pants fall down to her ankles.  Sugar presses her against the ropes for a series of belly punches.  Athena falls face first to the canvas, her pants still half way on Sugar removes Athena’s jeans, leaving her to face the remainder of this beating in nothing more than her bra and panties!  Chokes, skull crusher, ass slaps, wedgies, gut punching, hair pulling, limp play, camel clutch, eye gouge, fish hook, low blows, sleepers, choke slams, nerve holds, tongue protrusion, slaps, and much more, fill the MMW dojo, Sugar smears the ring with Athena’s  drool and ego, in Athena’s  second installment of the MMW RagDoll Series!

I know Modest Moms Wrestling was kind of built around Alexandria being the main star jobber over there, but at least they have decided to put Athena through something that you would normally expect to see Alex perform. In fact, apparently they’ve done it twice, although I have no idea where a ragdoll named Athena part one is, but I know it must be out there somewhere and I intend to find it. Anyway, a ragdoll named Athena 2, much like the versions I know and love that Alex has done, this too is a beautiful OTT filled, one sided massacre and Athena totally kills it. All the twitching, drooling, eye rolling is excellent. The moves done by Sugar are pretty good, very similar to the selection of moves she did to Alex in the last one. Which is not bad, but needs to be mixed up a touch so the matches do feel overly similar. But the point is, Alex may be the best jobber at MMW, I can definitely say that, but it seems she might have some competition as Athena can really sell it too. To me that just means Sugar has to take out both Alex and Athena together for the ultimate ragdoll beatdown.

Overall Score: 9.9/10