Review of A Mysterious Package

Review of Defeated A Mysterious Package – 12.5 mins

Lilith has a match coming up with Francys, but before her match begins she receives a mask with a note. The note states that while wearing this mask you will be unstoppable. Lilith has her doubts and almost leaves the mask behind, but on second thought, she tries the mask on. Lilith is suddenly filled with unbelievable power, even she is shocked by how powerful she feels. Lilith decides to bring the mask after all, but will us it only if she needs it. Francys shows up telling Lilith this match will be 2 out of 3 falls. The unmasked Lilith says she’s ready. With great ease Francys dominates Lilith, putting our tiny blond jobber out cold and takes the first pin fall. Francys turns to the camera and begins to brag about how easy this match is going to be. In the meantime Lilith scurries to the mats edge where she’s laid the mask and puts it on. Filled with power once again, Lilith stands up ready for the next round. Francys laugh at Lilith, asking why she’s wearing that stupid mask. Francys tries to punch Lilith, a punch Lilith catches and turns Francys around backward, applying a sleeperhold, followed by a reverse bearhug that KOs Francys. Now in total control Lilith removes and pins Francys for the second fall. With Francys weakened, Lilith traps her in a head scissors for another KO. Lilith strips Francys fully nude, while her body twitches. She then spreads out the naked, sleeping and still twitching Francys taking her victory pose and the final fall, asking Francys who’s the jobber now!

More Defeated action for you guys and back with more cool and fun mask action. This time Lilith is gifted a mask in a mysterious package, hence the name of the video, and she uses it to dominate Francys. I like how the intro shows Lilith doubting the power of the masking, thinking it’s some kind of joke, but decides to try it on anyway. There’s a nice little sound effect that we get as Lilith is powered up. She still tries to take on Francys without the mask, but easily gets beaten, KO’d and pinned. Always good to see Lilith lose a little bit, even if she wins in the end. She’s so cute and tiny and really has gotten better at selling since she was last in a video. Francys makes the mistake of turning her back on Lilith and Lilith is quickly after her mask. From there Lilith dominates. She does toss the mask aside once she’s in complete control of Francys, I imagine it’s probably a little hard to wrestle in that mask and it’s better to see Lilith face anyway. Francys does really good at selling her destruction too, but the real highlight is near the end. Lilith strips Francys completely naked after a few KOs and leaves her spread eagle on the mats. It is super rare that we get full nude wrestlers as a form of humiliation and it not turning sexual. I personally really loved that, I think there’s more than enough sexfight stuff out there, but nude humiliation for a wrestling match is pretty unique, as far as I’ve seen. We even get a little twitching for the naked Francys, which is really the cherry on top, in my opinion. Overall, I love the power mask idea, making someone like Lilith, who for great reasons is always losing, unstoppable is a great idea. Although, I still love seeing Lilith dominated. And a fully naked and defeated jobber girl, with a bit a twitching was wonderful. That part really stole the show for me, even though it was small part of the video. Defeated is just keeping the new content rolling. Their girls are kicking ass, the ideas feel new and fun and I’m loving it. Even the next video is another new concept for Defeated and I can’t wait to bring that here for you guys to check out.  Stay tuned!

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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