Review of A Model Wrestling Match VI

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsA Model Wrestling Match VI – 13 Mins

LeAnnTwo very successful models who obviously don’t like each other are finalists for a contract with a major fitness model magazine. For the current contract the editors will award the contract to the model with the strongest legs! LeAnn and Becky square off, each determined to win the contract. The tanned California beauty strikes first, dropping Becky to the mat where she applies an arm bar, a body scissors, and a figure four leg lock. Poor Becky is forced to submit to each hold but when LeAnn applies a second figure four leg lock, the long haired beauty realizes that if she submits she’ll lose the match. Through sheer will power, Becky manages to escape the hold and attacks her opponent with an abdominal stretch, an impressive torture rack, a figure four leg lock, and a match winning ceiling hold! Both girls trash talk throughout and the screams of pain and frustration are deafening but in the end only one woman walks away with the model contract … Becky LeSabre!

I know, I’m always talking about how I want KOs in my videos, but here I am grabbing another submissions only videos. Well, when said video stars LeAnn and Becky it’s pretty hard for me to pass up. The video goes as expected, Becky losing the first 3 rounds and then rallying back to take 4 rounds in a row. The ladies also do as expected, really selling the pain of the holds as well as the will to win. There’s plenty of good trash talk as they both think they’re the best ever and they both looks fantastic in their bikinis and that’s about it. You know I don’t really mind a submissions only match every now and then, but this series is becoming a little too similar to each other for me. In my opinion the last 3 of this series seem almost identical. I feel the series just needs a little modification, like the rounds it takes to win or maybe the girl that starts out in control comes back at the end and wins. I don’t know what the custom guy really looks for in his vids, so I don’t what can be changed, but something to make these not feel exactly like the last one, just with a different cast. But as I said, the girls did awesome as far as giving it their all in this performance.

Overall score: 8/10