Review of A Madison Beat Down

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsA Madison Beat Down – 20 mins

Our video starts in the middle of a spirited wrestling match between Kat and our newest fem, Pink. The referee, Madison, is trying to get Kat to release Pink from a choking scissor hold. When she finally succeeds, Pink jumps Kat and a hair pulling catfight begins! Madison, sick of all the rule breaking, grabs both girls, stands them up, and delivers a double stunner. Madison proceeds to destroy the girls with a double side head scissor, an impressive double camel clutch, a double corner body splash, individual sleeper hold knockouts, individual front facing sleepers, and two combination reverse figure four head scissors with a choke out knockout! Madison puts the girls in a body pile and enjoys her victory pose. She concludes with “If you need another referee, don’t forget to give me a call”. **Producer’s note: Prior to filming this video we were trying to get a video of Kat vs Pink but since this was Pink’s first video she was struggling with finding the right emotions and reactions. We’ve included several scenes from that first attempt and we’re sure you’ll love seeing some raw FWR footage!

More new talent coming in to FWR and again we get another cool wat to get out first look at Pink, who happens to be wearing a pink bikini. I see what you did there Rick. So this time we get our new talent mixed with some well-known talent getting dominated by Madison. I always love the 1 on 2 squash matches and this one is set up really well with Madison starting out as the ref who just gets frustrated at the ladies not listing to her commands. I not sure if a can say this is a completely new idea, but it’s definitely something we don’t see often as normally the ref is the one who ends up taking a beating. I think that Pink makes a good first impression here, she sells pretty well next to Kat. Also Madison make squashing these two look easy, not too much lifting and carrying this time, but some great holds that pretty much all end with KOs. I also like that Rick added these behind the scenes clips. It’s always nice to what it takes to make these vids, makes me appreciate the effort Rick and his talented roster put into each of these clips. Overall, it’s a pretty quick match, with plenty of KOs so I’m a happy camper.

Overall Score: 9.5/10