Review of A Knock Out Mission

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsA Knock Out Mission – 17 Mins

HannahSpecial Agents Cali Logan and Hannah Perez stroll into their newly assigned location with only a letter to greet them. Curious, the two brunettes sit on the nearby couch and skim through the letter. Apparently they’ve been called to this appointed area to be thoroughly tested before one of them is chosen for a critical mission. Before they can even discuss their feelings on the letter, one of their higher ups, Jamie Daniels, arrives as well. She briskly walks into the room while quickly explaining that this mission only requires one agent, and considering the sensitivity of said mission, Jamie herself will be conducting a rigorous test. Cali and Hannah are both outraged. They not only disagree with the testing, they are also questioning Agent Daniels authority as their boss. Jamie brushes them off, attempting to scoot them along to get things rolling. The two agent’s just aren’t having it, however: they furiously stand up, confronting Jamie up close and personal. Things escalate quickly. Hannah grabs Jamie’s arms, holding her back. Cali lifts up Jamie’s dress in a taunting manner, frisking her suggestively up and down despite her protests. Cali then reaches down and pulls of Daniels shoe, cocking it back all the way before swinging forward full force to slam Jamie across the face with it. Jamie collapses like a ton of bricks. Hannah and Cali completely remove Jamie’s dress at this point, drinking in the sight of her slim, sexy curves. The two agents are excited by Agent Daniels body as they lay her flat on her back on the ground. They perform limp eye and body checks, as well as drops. Cali murmurs repeatedly how sexy of a body Jamie has been hiding beneath her uniform as she takes her limp hands and manipulates them over her own breasts for pleasure. Hannah takes a page out of Cali’s book, her arousal switch flipped ON. She fondles and plays with every crevice of Jamie’s limp body, eventually mounting her and grinding her core against her. Although Cali is turned on as well, there is indeed a mission at hand for the taking. She brings this up to Hannah, letting her know that there is a $10,000.00 bonus up for grabs. She offers up the idea that perhaps the two of them can go ahead and complete the mission, splitting the bonus. Hannah gives her a yea yea yea, but is too preoccupied with her limp plaything to pay much mind. Big mistake. Cali is annoyed, yet again, which history has proven to be a bad thing indeed. She stands up calmly, continuing monotone small talk with Hannah as she strolls around behind her. With a swift karate chop to the side of the neck, Hannah joins Jamie in slumber land. Not one for asymmetry, Cali undresses Hannah’s limp body as well. Noticing that Agent Perez has a hot body too, Cali fondles and caresses her breasts, legs, ass and pussy. Getting her fill for the moment, she stands up and grabs Hannah’s wrists to rag doll her. Cali then goes through her series of limp body drops and checks to ensure Hannah’s departure from consciousness. Jamie comes to as Cali is checking Hannah. Cali thinks quickly and exclaims to Jamie that Hannah must be working against them, she’s known it all along! Jamie shakes off the mental cobwebs and states that they MUST get to the bottom of this NOW. Jamie and Cali wake Hannah up, beginning to interrogate her. Hannah turns around and points her finger at Cali, framing her as the culprit. All three women’s voices raise as they debate over who to trust. Hannah’s story seems more plausible, especially as Cali was the only one awake when Jamie woke back up. Hannah grabs Cali’s arms, holding her back tightly in a nostalgic way. Jamie is fed up with all of the horse shit from her underlings and it shows when she delivers a crippling high kick to Cali’s chin, sending her out immediately on impact. Cali collapses against Hannah who lowers her to the floor so that Jamie and herself can remove the blamed agents dress. Hannah and Jamie work together to perform thorough limp body drops and checks on Cali. It’s obvious her body is entirely dead weight. Jamie finds out quickly that she is no more immune to the naked body than her foes were: she becomes extremely aroused at the sight of prone Cali. Her hands reach forward to squeeze her breasts and fondle her body as she mounts her around the waist. Hannah chats her up, asking her if she is enjoying herself but what Jamie doesn’t know Is Hannah has a trick up her sleeve waiting. Hannah produces a white cloth soaked in a Special Forces chemical. Before Jamie can react to what she’s seeing, Hannah forces the cloth over her mouth and nose, leaving her no choice but to breathe in all of the noxious fumes. Jamie struggles against Hannah prove quickly to be futile, as her eyes roll back and she collapses like a sack of potatoes. Hannah smirks, satisfied, letting Jamie slump to the floor. Hannah takes her sweet, sensuous time enjoying the floppy extremities of her frenemies, bouncing them up and down against her palm before dropping them down on the floor again into place. She checks Cali and Jamie’s eyes, and seeing nothing but the whites, moves on to her favorite pastime: the curves and crevices of the two beautiful women. She doesn’t miss a spot as she caresses, squeezes, smells and kisses their bodies. Hannah gets incredibly wrapped up in the moment, so much so that when Cali and Jamie come to, they leap up unbeknownst to her at first. All three ladies engage in yet another epic argument, the tension rising to a screeching high. But while Jamie and Hannah are very obviously angry, Cali is beyond FURIOUS. Cali’s fury has brought her past the breaking point. She snaps on the two back stabbing agents, delivering a brutal double roundhouse punch. Jamie and Hannah barely know what has hit them before they spin, eyes wide and rolling, and hit the couch behind them in unison. Cali is finally content with the outcome of events, having the floor all to herself and ample time to work through the damn letter. Feeling more than a little vindictive and spiteful (and to be honest, horny), Cali leans down and removes Jamie and Hannah’s bras, revealing their perfect, round, perky breasts. Not one to pass up a sexy opportunity, Cali dives in and gets a taste of each lady’s divine breasts and nipples with both her hands and lips. Knowing she most likely won’t see the likes of these two again, she limp checks their bodies very thoroughly. Satisfied that they’re out, Cali enjoys their almost completely nude and sexy bodies before grabbing the mission letter and heading out.

This is one of the those videos that the cast alone makes it worth checking out, not to mention they all take turns getting KO’s and there’s a little topless action at the end. What more do you need then that? Well, there’s also this fun series of events, with Hannah and Cali showing Jamie whose boss, then blaming each other later, then Cali just getting fed up with it all, knocking them both out and leaving. The ladies all act great and sell the KOs even better, as there is a little bit of silliness added to their reactions. This one is also great for all you pantyhose lovers, as these sexy ladies look awesome in their bra, panties and pantyhose, but you don’t me to tell you that. Overall, I really enjoyed this one, I liked the little bit of silliness added to the KOs and the story, the story line itself is really fun and with it starring Cali, Hannah and Jamie you just can’t go wrong, no matter what they’re up to.

Overall Score: 9/10