Review of A Crush On Supergirl Part 5

Review of Velvets FantasiesA Crush On Supergirl Part 5 – 18 mins

The villainous Sinn Sage is at it again! This time, she’s caused so much commotion that the Girl of Steel herself has seen fit to get involved. Supergirl has a lot to do tonight, but she knows that the mortal Mrs. Sage is no match for a tried and true superheroine. Supergirl is pretty sure she can swoop into Sinn’s seductive hideout, vanquish the villainess, and be back to her normal schedule in no time at all. Unfortunately for her, her nemesis has other plans altogether. She may not have the powers of the Justice League at her disposal, but Sinn Sage is nonetheless a dangerous predator, and Supergirl is flying right into her meticulously planned trap. As the Girl of Steel confronts Sinn, and prepares to take the naughty ne’er do well down, she quickly realizes that she’s been reckless in underestimating this foe. The room fills with invisible Kryptonite gas, and Supergirl finds herself completely at her enemy’s mercy. But mercy has never been Sinn’s forte, and she has all kinds of delicious plans for the evening’s festivities.

I say this a lot, but that’s only because it’s always true, this is one of my favorite series from Velvets Fantasies. My favorite thing to see is Jacquelyn getting her butt kicked, doing lots of eye rolling and getting knocked out several times. We get plenty of all that and the superheroine aspect only adds to my enjoyment, with a nice sexy outfit and high heel boots. I also like that superheroine movies have special powers and unique ways to defeat the heroines. This one isn’t too special when it comes to taking Jackie’s powers, but it’s still a fun part of the video. Not only that, but this one also stars Sinn Sage, who is one of the greatest in the business and one of my all-time favorites. She plays the perfect villain, that really knows how to have fun dominating a powerless heroine, says all the right things, humiliates the poor Jacquelyn properly and makes sure to put her body on display for all to see. Having Jacquelyn and Sinn in the same video is a great treat for all to enjoy. This series has had so many great entries, but I think this one may be my favorite of all. It’s actually hard to say for sure. One thing is for sure though, if you enjoyed other videos from this series, then you are guaranteed to love this one.

Overall score: 9.9/10