Review of A Crush On Supergirl Part 4

Review of Velvets FantasiesA Crush On Supergirl Part 4 – 21 mins

Supergirl desperately needs a day off. She had hoped that today might afford her at least a few hours of free time, but Orias and Luna have set other plans in motion. They’ve unleashed a swathe of destruction across Metropolis, strategically aimed at luring the indomitable Girl of Steel into their twisted talons. Self assured as always, Supergirl stumbles headlong into their trap. When the girls produce a familiar green crystal shard, our heroine finds herself completely enfeebled and reliant upon her enemies’ nearly non-existent mercy. The terrible, sensual villainesses take turns pummeling Supergirl’s mighty chest and choking her unconscious. As they caress and manipulate her limp body, the dastardly duo discuss their fantasies and realize that they have an opportunity to fulfill their darkest delights. With the Girl of Steel totally under their control, will Orias and Luna simply end her heroic career? Or are their intentions even more insidious than we might imagine?

This is definitely one of my favorite series from Velvets Fantasies, mostly because I love seeing Jacquelyn getting knocked out repeatedly, but also because I love her Supergirl outfit, which guarantees she’ll wear boots and I also like that they usually have to trick Jackie into some kind of trap to weaken her before they can beat her up. This one includes all those features, but also comes with and extra bonus which is Luna and Orias. Now, most of the time I would prefer to see both of them on the losing side, which does happen in an older release, that I will review one day. But seeing them team up to take down Supergirl is definitely a treat. They don’t take long to trick Jackie into a trap, just the old kryptonite in the boot trick does it here, then they are off to beating her down. Jacquelyn is of course a great heroine in peril, as those full white rolled back eyes are the kind of thing dreams are made of. Luna and Orias have one final trick for poor Supergirl, which of course she falls for it and the evil duo end up inside Supergirl. It’s definitely a unique cap to this video, which was another great addition the Crush on Supergirl series.

Overall Score: 9.5/10