Review of A Crush On Supergirl: Part 3

Review of Velvets Fantasies A Crush On Supergirl: Part 3 – 16 mins

The scene opens with one of Supergirl’s most powerful enemies Lady Thunder standing toe to toe with the mighty girl of steel in a face-off. The overconfident super heroine offers the chance for Lady Thunder to be taken away quietly after she single handedly destroyed a city, but Lady Thunder has other ideas in mind. She knows Supergirl has a weakness: kryptonite. But this time, Lady Thunder decides to up the ante by injecting herself with Supergirl’s one and only weakness, thereby making her entire body one devastating machine! With every single hit, Supergirl feels the intense pain of her blows. From the slightest touch to the most intense punches and knockouts, poor Supergirl is rendered helpless against her powerful foe. With a final knockout via multiple hits to the chest, Thunder takes all the air out of the mighty Supergirl’s chest rendering her unconscious and unresponsive. With the girl of steel defeated, Lady Thunder decides to leave her foe alive, so that she may live to be destroyed by her for another day!

 I don’t know if it’s because of Supergirl, or the moves used, or Jacquelyn Velvets getting literally crushed, but I absolutely love this series. I also love this Supergirl outfit, minus for the boot covers, because they just don’t look as good as the rest of the outfit, but matching the TV show’s Supergirl is really cool to see. I also got to give Thunder Rosa some credit too. She has such an intense personality it really just draws you into her role as the baddie. I like the little bit of story whet get here and Supergirl is of course over confident and super sure that she’s going to be defeating this nemesis with ease, only to immediately get over powered and then get completely dominated. Most of all, it is Jacquelyn’s selling that is really the biggest draw for me. Her eye rolling is the best there is and thanks to all the squeezing and crushing moves, that make Supergirl really weak, there’s lots of eye rolling to be had. I really love the part on the couch with Jackie’s limbs and golden hair hanging off the edges and causing her back to arc, it a really good scene and a great way to show just how helpless she really is. Overall, I really just love Miss Velvets playing the jobber / helpless heroine, but seeing her doing it as Supergirl is a clear and obvious plus.

Overall Score: 9.5/10