Review of A Crazy 6 Girls 70 Minutes Battle over Boots

Review of DefeatedA Crazy 6 Girls 70 Minutes Battle over Boots – 69 mins

Meryl, Elizabeth and Dee are hanging out in the mat room talking about shoes they want to buy when Nix enters with a pair of shiny new high heeled boots. All the girls think the boots look really sexy, so sexy that they want to try them on for themselves, but Nix tells them no, because she knows they look best on her. This irritates the ladies so much the decided to challenge Nix to a fight for her boots. Nix without fear accepts the challenge from all three ladies. What follows is a bunch of different scenes stretched out over several hours as the girls fight back and forth, taking each other down and stealing the boots from each other. Of course from all the KOs and hours passed the girl are extremely exhausted, but they continue to team up and turn against each other all for the glorious ownership of a pair of shiny new boots. After several scenes of crazy over the top exhausted action, fill with tons of twitching, drooling, tongue protrusion, eye rolling, KOs, body piles, and exhausted fighting, Dee and Nix are suddenly missing and so are the boots, Meryl and Elizabeth wake up and are confused by the girls missing, as are the boots. Their confusion grows even more as Stella walks in wearing the boots they fought hours over. They demand their heels from Stella, who of course denies them, when from out of nowhere Lilith walks in and drops Stella with a big belly punch. It seems the fight is on again and again we fade in and out of multiple scenes of the girls battling over the boots. The action is again extremely over the top. Scene after scene the hours pass, clothing is removed, friendships are made and destroyed, yet still no one can claim the boots are their own. After several more scenes, Lilith decides she’s had enough and just leaves, without boots to go have a nap, leaving Elizabeth, Stella and Meryl to continue the fight and continue is exactly what they do. Who know who much time has passed now as more hours fly by yet the three remaining, exhausted girls continue to do battle. Several more ridiculously over the top exhausted fight scenes pass when final Meryl uses the boots to choke that last bit of life from the bodies of Elizabeth and Stella, she has very little time to celebrate as she soon passes out as well, obviously completely exhausted for the hours of fighting. The three ladies twitch the night away as this video comes to a close, but for all we know, they woke up hours later and continued the fight, there may never be a true winner. Those girls sure do love their shoes, don’t they?

Back with more Defeated action for you guys, and just when you thought they couldn’t get any crazier with their videos, they come out with this. What’s better than a 3 girl exhaustion video, with tons of over the top madness? How about a 4 girl exhaustion video, with tons of over the top madness, where they fight over a pair of high heel boots and they switch out girls along the way, so you actually end up with a grand total of 6 girls doing tons of crazy, sexy, over the top, exhausted KOs, all for a pair of boots. There’s also some toplessness mixed in as well to kick up the sexiness and some pretty funny moments too, for some nice added humor. There’s so many kick ass moments I want to mention for this, but I’m afraid to start rambling on and on, eventually writing a whole new description for this video, as I’ve done in the past. But I’ll do one just to give you guys and idea of just how creative and fun they’ve been in this video. So Dee has Nix, Elizabeth and Meryl laid in a bit of a circle, each one of them has their head resting on the other’s belly, tongues out and all that. Then Dee belly punches Elizabeth who jackknives then falls back down with her head landing on Meryl’s belly, which causes Meryl to Jackknife and fall back down landing on Nix’s belly, who jackknives and lands on Elizabeth… and you probably get the idea. And they got around and around, slowly losing intensity until Dee punches Elizabeth in the belly again, setting them off again. Such silly greatness like this is jam packed into the hour plus video with tons of different scenes, clothing options, boot stealing and the all over the top reactions I could ever dream of. The fact that this is a bunch of shorter scenes mashed together, and the fact that is starts out with Dee, Nix, Elizabeth and Meryl, then later switches to, Stella, Lilith, Elizabeth and Meryl in a creative way and finally ends with Stella, Elizabeth and Meryl after Lilith just gives up and walks off, this hour plus long video never feels repetitive or boring, or even a hour long for that matter. Defeated has truly out done themselves with this one. I couldn’t even begin to image what they could possibly do to top this one.

Overall Score: 11/10