Review of A Competition for the Competition

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsA Competition for the Competition – 12 mins

Our custom video opens with Violet rushing into the room excited to tell your humble producer that some dude named @bndasupamark (actual twitter name… check him out, he’s awesome!) is putting together a competition for new fighters to show their potential. But before she can finish, Stevie rushes in from the other direction also excited about his new competition! LET THE BATTLE OF SILLY KNOCKOUTS BEGIN!!! These two hotties engage in several knockout scenes filled with eye crossing, twitching, and tongues hanging out while wearing several sexy outfits. This spectacular video contains sleeper holds, a scissor hold, a frying pan smash, some punches, a tazer, and many more cute knockouts. Each scene ends in these two cuties twitching into interesting final positions that we know you’ll LOVE! Don’t miss it!

First and foremost, I must say, what an honor it is to be personally named and be an obvious influence for a OTT custom video. It absolutely blew my mind to just be checking an FWR update, like I do and suddenly come across my name in a description, with it not being my own script. This is a milestone moment for me. So thank you, to whoever is responsible for this video. Anyway, let’s talk about it this video. So, as I have mentioned at least 200 times, I love when FWR does silly videos, they always put a huge smile on my face and this time was no different. I love the idea that I am new fighters to show their potential, their OTT potential of course, as that is totally something I would do. I always want the new girls to do some OTT selling as soon as possible, so this makes sense. Now, I have already seen Violet do some OTT selling, so I knew she would kill it, but I never seen Stevie sell like this. For Steve’s first time, I assume, selling some silly OTT KOs, although inconsistent with her reactions, I think she did quite well. I saw some good eye rolling from her and tongue protrusion. Her twitching was a bit comedic and wild, but that’s fine, it was funny and that works too. Violet, as expected, was awesome, her facial reaction of out of this world! They did both seemed kind of nervous, but they are both still kind of new, so that can happen. The video overall was a ton of fun. It was a bunch of random KOs with each of them giving and receiving, while changing outfits along the way. I loved every single outfit, with the shiny bikinis probably being my favorite, but it’s really a tossup, especially because Stevie had converse on with her first outfit. I loved all the spread eagle KOs and the Darri-air KOs, but I’m not sure about the back bending bridge thing, it gives a good look at the girl’s bellies, but seems even more unnatural then the Darri-air pose. Also, I wish we could see their faces in the Darri-air pose, but their hair always seems to cover them. Overall, despite the nervousness and the inconsistent OTT reactions, I still found myself smiling through this entire video, as the ladies were entertaining as hell and of course because I love getting to see new talent selling OTT reactions. I don’t expect them to be perfect, but it’s awesome to see them try. I definitely hope more FWR talent hears about my contest and fights to be a part of it.

Overall Score: 9.5/10