Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA COLLECTOR’S STORY 21 – 20 mins

We fade in on superheroines Alisa Kiss, Gia Primo, and Jessie Belle piled up and unconscious on the ground.  The Collector’s voice fills the room, reminding the citizens of HIS city that no one will EVER take him or his underlings down!  He then provides a highlight reel detailing exactly how the heroines ended up in this terrifying situation (via capture, hypnosis, and forced battle)!

A nice combination of a collector’s story, a highlight reel and a little bit of a sentry girls video here. Everybody takes their turn getting KO’d and doing the KOing. The scenes aren’t connected in anyway which means there is a ton of KOs jammed into this one. Most of the scenes end with some kind of body pile either two of all three of the girls KO’d. Everyone here is a great seller, both Alisa and Jessie are my favorites though, but the same can’t be said for the outfits. Never been a fan of the full body suit, so Jessie unfortunately comes in last place for that category. I love all the KO tactics, like the tranq gun and tazer, or just a good old fashion punch in the face, also how some of the scenes don’t go quit as expected is nice too. All and all just the sheer number of KOs jammed into this one and the great cast members makes it worthy of checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10