Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA COLLECTOR’S STORY 19 – 17 Mins

alisaWe fade in on Wonder Girl (played by Alisa Kiss) and the Cheetah (played by Kerie Hart) as they wake up in a strange room.  Turns out they’ve been kidnapped by THE COLLECTOR, who’s only joy comes from stripping heroines of their powers and watching them fight to the finish!  The only chance for either lady to escape is to defeat the other, so they start to circle…and lock in a test of strength! Wonder Girl wins the test but gets trapped in the Cheetah’s body scissors.  A few punches to the face weakens the Cheetah, and a final cross to the chin knocks her OUT!  Wonder Girl presses her advantage, waking the Cheetah up and using her rope to slowly choke her out. She follows up with belly punching, a sleeper hold KO, massive kicks to the jaw (derri “air” KO pose on that one), a bearhug KO, body scissors, figure four neckscissors KO, face punches, and a brutal uppercut KO. Looking to finish the job, Alisa goes for a final karate chop…one that the Cheetah blocks and counters with a chloroform soaked rag hidden in her boot!   She clamps it over WG’s mouth and nose, forcing her to her back as she slowly fades.  Energized, The Cheetah goes on the attack, waking WG up and torturing her. Looks like The Cheetah going to win the day, but The Collector decides he wants to keep BOTH ladies for his personal roster of fighting heroines/villains.  He gasses both fighters until they collapse.  Wonder Girl and The Cheetah then take an extra blast of sleepy gas to make sure they stay out…as The Collector cackles in the distance!!!

Alisa’s Wondergirl outfit is one of my favorite outfits in the world and it’s even better when she ends up losing. So I was really happy to see her get bested in this one. I’m not a big fan of Kerie’s suit, even though it’s a little bit see through. I am a big fan of Kerie’s selling though, for little short of half of the runtime Kerie is on the losing side and does a fantastic selling her KOs. Then Kerie take control with a surprised chloroform rag, that I actually didn’t see coming the first time. Alisa too is amazing with her selling, even better then Kerie, as Alisa does some nice eyerolling and tongue protrusion, all just a little over the top. Alisa’s great selling and amazing costume make the second half easily my favorite half. Again, Kerie sold great too and her partially see through costume isn’t half bad, but Alisa just takes the cake in my opinion. In the end they both get KO’d and collected, so this is good if you like Kerie winning or losing and if you like Alisa winning or losing, both ladies are great.

Overall Score: 9/10