Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldA CHEATING SPARROW – 22 Mins

SparrowWe fade in on the lovely Sparrow, who sneaks in and spikes upcoming opponent Roni Jonah’s drink, if only to give her an edge during her next match! We fade in on Roni taking huge sips of her water as SK spells out the rules.  The match begins and Sparrow attacks, going for a bearhug on her much taller opponent. Roni laughs and pushes Sparrow away with her hand as the smaller girl throws punches that never land. Roni finally traps Sparrow in her own bearhug… one that slowly saps Sparrow’s strength… and eventually her consciousness. She dangles, out cold until Roni drops her.  Roni presses her advantage, landing multiple belly splashes to a KO… and even more after Sparrow is out! Roni adds insult to injury, waking Sparrow up and attacking with belly punching, knees to the gut, a wall splash KO, a standing chokeout KO, a long-held sleeper hold, a boston crab (Roni starts to show signs of the drug kicking in), and a brutal PILEDRIVER KO that leaves Sparrow twitching on the mats. Roni is visibly dizzy at this point, but she still manages to nail a final TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER before going for the pin… but at that point the drug is too much, and she fades into unconsciousness.  The two lay there until Sparrow is able to come to.  She pushes Roni off of her and regains her strength.  With a cruel smile she traps Roni Jonah in a sleeper hold and proceeds to deliver a major upset.  Roni takes Sparrow’s moves, unable to fight back… getting knocked out over and over again via multiple belly splashes, a reverse/side neckscissors KO, and a final dose of her special sedative that she forces Roni to drink right before delivering her coupe de grace: a massive chair shot to the FACE! Sparrow goes for her pin… and her victory pose as Roni slumbers on the mats!

I love this one almost solely because Sparrow gets her butt kicked for just over half of the video. It’s truthfully them main reason I keep watching this one. I love Sparrow’s selling.  A lot of her reactions have a unique Sparrow ways of doing it, that I just happen to love. From the way she struggles, the way she crosses her eyes, sticks her tongue out, how she twitches, even to how she lays KO’d on the mats, there’s something really great about it. And I know, you’re thinking the same could be said for just about anyone, and you think I might just be an over the top fan of Sparrow’s, you’re not wrong, but she definitely has a great style of selling. Not only is Sparrow a great jobber, but once the drugs kicked in and she takes control, she shows that she can trash talk with the best of them. She was non-stop, Jessie Belle like, trash talking and she did a great job of not repeating herself too much and sounding like she’s the toughest girl around. I really found it quite entertaining. Sparrow also looks so incredibly smug during her pin and victory pose, I can’t help but laugh. Roni did great too. The size difference between Roni and Sparrow seems prefect here, as Roni can easily toss the tiny Sparrow around. Sparrow first failed attack is funny and really shows off the size and strength difference. Roni also really sells her defeat well too, making some great, kind of silly at times, facial expressions and reactions. So even though Sparrow is my main attraction to this video, Roni is a much appreciated addition to this, kind of silly, cheat to win, victory for Sparrow.

Overall Score: 9.5/10