Review of Sleeperkid’s World A CHEATING SPARROW 5 – 24 mins

One has to wonder if SPARROW can even help herself, or if her inclinations to cheat are beyond her control.  Yet again she is sneaking into the SKW mat room in the hopes of gaining an illegal advantage by spiking her upcoming opponent’s water, this time played by the incredible CAROLINE PIERCE! The ladies hydrate and start off back to back, Sparrow expecting an easy go round in this match. Caroline is no slouch though and even after drinking the tainted fluid she gives Sparrow one hell of a beating!  Multiple times she KO’s the smaller girl but consistently she refuses to go for the pin (despite Sleeperkid’s advice).  Caroline utterly dominates little Sparrow, leaving her a drooling and convulsing mess, but never bothering to end the match. A tombstone piledriver leaves Sparrow twitching and helpless but just after Caroline nails the piledriver, the effects of her drugged water kick in and she can’t finish the pin!  As Sparrow slowly comes to her senses after the hellacious beat down she suffered, it’s her turn to take control of this match and she pays Caroline back in spades!  She puts the bigger gal out with multiple KO’s of her own, all while the groggy Caroline is too weak to even fight back.  She even forces Caroline to drink the last of the tainted water and then uses her own attire to choke the remaining life out of the battered brunette. Caroline is helpless as Sparrow folds her up in a humiliating “gift wrap” style pin and plants a foot on her throat to take this hard fought, tainted victory.  Sparrow wisely flees away before her opponent can recover, leaving Caroline out on the mats as another victim of Sparrow’s wicked ways. YOUR WINNER: SPARROW

Yes, another one of my favorite SKW series, but this one should be unsurprising. A series all about my favorite gal, Sparrow and her mischievous ways is clearly something I’m going to love, especially because she always loses the first half of the video. This one maybe the most win/win for me since Sparrow took down Keri Spectrum, because l absolutely love seeing Carolina Pierce losing. Much like Sparrow she has a very unique selling style and is also quite flexible, which Sparrow shows off with the final pin. But first, Sparrow gets totally dominated for the first half of the match and again Sparrow’s selling is utterly amazing. Not as over the top as she is when she selling for my customs, but I feel it’s clear from all the eye crossing and tongue protrusion that I’ve definitely influenced her overall selling style. We also get a little drooling and some twitching after the piledriver. Very amazing job by Sparrow. Then once the drugs take effect, Sparrow again becomes this ultra-confident and cocky heel that I also love. Carolina does a hell of a job too selling just about as over the top as Sparrow did. Again, not super over the top but all the over the top elements are included. Another great thing here is the outfits. Being a huge fan of boots and need pads, Carolina’s outfit is spot on, but I also liked the long socks very much, especially when they get used as a weapon. We’re up to number five in this series and I cannot wait to see who Sparrow cheats next time, of course her losing a bit first is a total must have.

Overall score: 9.5/10