Review of Sleeperkid’s World A CHEATING SPARROW 4 – 22 Mins

We fade in on the lovely MISS GIA LOVE (making her SKW DEBUT), decked out in an amazingly patriotic outfit as she talks about her upcoming match against Sparrow Summers! Turns out Gia has seen some of Sparrow’s earlier matches and has taken a special antidote designed to quickly push any toxins out of her system. She doesn’t BELIEVE Sparrow would stoop down to cheating, but it never hurts to be safe! We then fade in on Sparrow doing her usual worst: spiking Miss Gia Love’s drink moments before their match! The match then begins after both ladies take some sips of water, with the powerful Miss Gia taking a very early lead after reversing a piggy back sleeper attack!! Angered, Gia proceeds to dominate Sparrow on the SKW mats. Soon the drug has hit Gia and she groggily fights off the effects, only to finally collapse on top of Sparrow after her final scissors KO.  We see Sparrow slowly come to and take advantage of the situation, dominating Gia Love with her trademark Flying Sparrow armbar/scissors KO, a textbook sleeper hold KO, a reverse neck scissors KO, a stunner KO,  and a final cocky straddle pin. Sparrow makes it to the 9 count when Gia’s hand suddenly clutches her throat.  The antidote worked, pushing Sparrow’s poison out of her system in time to come back and teach the tiny wrestler a powerful lesson! She puts Sparrow into a mile high chokeout for her first KO, followed by a BRUTAL tombstone piledriver for the final pin…and the win!  Gia isn’t done, however, grabbing her patriotic steel shield as Sparrow comes to and using it to clock her across the jaw for one more insulting and humiliating KO!

As you guys know, I love Sparrow, literally can’t get enough of her and I love her even more when she’s playing a jobber wearing boots and kneepads, so that alone has made this one of my favorite clips of this update. Miss Gia Love debuts in a great looking Captain America outfit and she does get a little time on the losing side and in my opinion, does some very good selling making a good first impression on me. But, Sparrow is the star of this show, with her cheating ways, that actually blows up in face for once makes this quite an awesome video. So we get several Sparrow KOs, then several Gia KOs and ending off with a few more Sparrow KOs. This is the way I really like it, because I get a little of that Sparrow cocky heel trash talk, which is really quite good, sandwiched between all that Sparrow jobbing I so dearly love, including a little of her iconic twitching. So, with Sparrow in boots and knee pads, ending up on the losing end, the thong suit, those poor tights failing to hold in da ass and Gia making her debut as Captain America, with her great suit and “poison blocker”, makes this easily my favorite of the Cheating Sparrow series.

Overall Score: 9.9/10